Choose Calendar View cover photos?

Any way to control which photos are used as the “cover photo” for each Day, Month, or Year? How are these chosen? Mylio’s selection seems kind of random. In some cases I’d like to change the Year or Month photo to be something more represenative.


I guess it is not possible to set cover for a day/mintha/year, but under Settings-Calendar there is a “Featured Photo Ranking” which is a rule set for Mylio to choose cover photos there.
I don’t know if it is in the help or not, but you can experiment with it.

Thanks! I missed that setting. That’s what I’m looking for.

There used to be a way to directly set Calendar covers. Today when looking at a picture you can select it as the cover for a folder, album or event; it used to be that there was a fourth choice. But wait . . .

Nice as the Calendar really is, it comes fully to life when you start using Events. Each Event can have a cover, and there is a “cover picker” that lets you pick the picture. You can also do it from the picture side by specifying the Event. That’s the start.

You can also designate an Event as “Event of the Month”, “Event of the Year”, or “Life Event”. In a calendar rectangle you can specify how many events appear; I pick four or five. If you then have say, three "Event of the Year"s those are teh ones that appear in the rectangle and one of those covers will be the one that appear. If you have Life Event that trumps them all.

That already gives you a pretty high degree of non-random control.

There are three ways to create events. The least work way is with Calendar Connectors that pull in “events” from your Outlook, gCal or iCal calendar. So, that ski trip to Tahoe appears automatically and when you tap on it pictures from the associated date range appear. Cool.

If you use folders, as I do, any folder can be “converted into an event” by flipping the “Show in Calendar” toggle. You can then specify in the info panel what filters to apply and whether it’s an Event of the Month, Year, or Life.

Finally you can also create an event directly in the calendar by specifying the date / time range.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, David. I agree I don’t really need explicit cover setting here in the Calendar. The ability to apply & prioritize these many heuristic rules is sufficient for me.

I didn’t find this setting in the documentation, probably because I was searching for “cover photo” rather than “Featured Photo Ranking”

So is there really no solution to this? Even after I’ve adjusted the “Featured Photo Ranking” I’m still getting faces I don’t want featured being set as the cover and there seems to be no way to change them.

The “Featured Photo Ranking” rules solved this problem for me. Sorry it doesn’t work for you, perhaps the difference is how it treats Face Recognition (which I don’t use)?

It seems like you should be able to configure these rules to give you almost the equivalent of choosing a cover photo. For example:

  1. Pick some type of unique identifier that you don’t normally use to organize your photos. Let’s say COLOR LABEL = PURPLE.

  2. Edit -> Settings -> Calendar -> Featured Photo Rankings

  3. Drag “PURPLE” to the top of the rules list.

  4. Now tag ONE photo (one per-year, or one per-month, etc) with color label PURPLE.

The PURPLE photo should be the photo chosen as the cover for its year, month, etc. You may have to exit & return to Calendar View for things to be refreshed.

Does this not work for you?

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Hi @jimre here is what I had the settings set to:

Top of list:

Bottom of list:

I have faces (tagged and untagged) at the bottom of the list, yet my calendar is filled with faces. In the top of my priority list are 5 and 4 star ratings because I do use those (at least one photo per month would have one of those ratings) and if not, I would have edited at least one of those photos as well. But still, they are not prioritized and the faces are.

I tried the work around you provided (not shown in my screenshots above, but I dragged the green tag up to the top) and start tagging photos with green and sure enough that did start swapping out the featured photos.

So at this point the workaround works, but its time consuming and shouldn’t be needed. The only thing I can think of is perhaps because the calender view had already “selected” faces before I lowered their priority, is there some way I can force Mylio to “re-index” all the photos in candler view and perhaps then it would set new covers?