Clarify between Mylio ios App and Mac App?

Quote below is from support site. I need clarity. If I am on the iPhone Mylio app and follow directions below, is “iOS Mylio” or “Mac OS Mylio” NOT duplicating the original photos? I can’t assume either and don’t want to reimport 22K images… again.

IF iOS only references, at what point will Mac OS Vault get the original copies safely copied over?

Mylio’s Relationship with Apple Photos

Mylio has a unique relationship with your device’s Camera Roll in order to ensure your photos are safe inside and outside of your Mylio Library. In general, Mylio has read-only access to your Camera Roll. Here are the guidelines for how Mylio and your Camera
Roll communicate:

  • When importing your photos, Mylio references the original images. It does not duplicate the image.

Mylio references the original image on whatever device is set up to import your Apple Photos library. If you import your Apple Photos library into Mylio on your iPhone, via Mylio’s iPhone app, the original photos are referenced on the iPhone, as opposed to doubling the amount of storage needed on your iPhone.

When the original photos sync to your other devices (assuming your other devices are set up to store Originals), they sync into the folders in your file system. You can view where the original is stored on your computer by right-clicking on a photo in Mylio and selecting “Show in Finder”. By default, the Mylio library folder is created in the User folder of your computer, and your iPhone images will be stored in the /Mylio/Apple Photos/Your iPhone’s Library/ folder.