Cleanup Orphaned XMP Files

What is the best way to clean up orphaned XMP files after images are removed via an external tool? I have a huge collection with unfortunately many dupes. I’m running an image de-dupe tool to remove duplicate images, directly from the vault, but that leaves 1000’s of orphaned xmp’s. It appears that Mylio assumes these photos still exist, but can’t find the original. I would like to find a way to clean up all of the XMP files no longer paired with an actual image. Any thoughts?

I think these usually show up as “lost originals” when you’re in the Devices window. I click on that and delete them from there because usually, the file name is .xmp.

We are working on adding “Dedup” to Mylio but it will be a little while before it appears. We are also working on automatically getting rid of orphaned XMP’s; that should happen sooner. And, the “Lost Originals” strategy sounds like a good current solution.

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Thank you both - the “lost originals” approach seems to have resolved my issue. I would love a built-in de-dup solution, but was trying this approach in the meantime. I look forward to official support down the road.

May I askwhich de-dedupe tool you are using? I have this issue and would like to sort it… THe Mylio team has been talking about it for a while so it looks like we still need to use external tools!

I’ve been using Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder ( It does a good job, quickly, and with a fair amount of configuration of the comparison settings.