Clear cache on iPhone

Re: Troubleshooting: What is Cache and How Do I Clear It? - Mylio Support

Step 3: 1. Select Clear Cache in the Device Settings window. If the Clear Cache button is not shown, then that devices’ Sync Policy may not allow for clearing the Cache manually or there is no cache to clear.

I was trying on an iPhone and I guess that means that this isn’t relevant for an iPhone X.

Worked again—posting a question brings up the answer. Went to iPhone and the option to Clear Cache is there. The macOS app and the instructions implied it didn’t matter which device you were on.

Edit: Except clicking on Clear Cache isn’t working. Bring up window that show 0 previews and 1500 originals to clear, but then clicking on Yes brings up a window that quickly pops up something but still 1500 Originals there.

The cache can only be cleared on the device you are currently using. I’m sorry the feature doesn’t seem to be working on your iPhone. Can you please reproduce the issue and then submit a support ticket from your iPhone via Help > Contact Mylio Support so we can help you troubleshoot the issue?

Thanks for responding. I just checked and now it says no files to be cleared. Somewhere along the line it happened. At the time I tried a least three times, but now it’s fine.

I’m glad to hear it worked eventually! You can check the Notifications & Activity Center center next time and there should be a progress indicator.