Cloud storage provider - Backblaze

I’ve been a big supporter of Backblaze as a backup provider and many independent reviews pip this as the best backup product for home users especially. As an aside their reviews on hard drive resilience at scale are industry leading!

It has relatively recently launched its own storage cloud for general usage (like OneDrive) rather than just for backups but at a very competitive (read better) price point than Mylio’s current integrations.

As Backblaze suppprts the same API’s as Amazon ( I’m wondering whether this makes it easier for you guys to integrate with?

Might be less well known from a home user perspective than Google but in my mind it is far superior in every way a home user cares about in my view


I would definitely like to see this as well. I already use B2 for my other backup applications and this would be a nice plus.

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Anyone knows if Backblaze back up all metadata? How would you compare with smugmug?