Color tags mapping to file system tags

It’s great to be able to use Mylio to import, organize and archive all the videos that I take with my DSLR. It’s also great to be able to quickly preview videos and assign a star rating and/or color tag quickly using the numeric keyboard shortcuts.

Since Mylio doesn’t really have video editing capability, I’m looking for an easy way to identify videos that I’d like to open in an external video editor. I use Blender on Mac but I expect this same workflow issue would translate to other external photo and video editors as well.

I was hoping that the color tags I assigned in Mylio would automatically result in a corresponding tag in the file system that would make it easy to find the specific video files to use as source files in the external editor. That doesn’t seem to be the case unless I’m missing something.

Would it be possible to syncronize the color tags (or any tags) in Mylio with corresponding tags in the host file system? My use case is for QuickTime MOV files but it would be great to have this capability for a variety of photo and video file types.