Colour rendering

I have noticed a difference in the colour rendering of an image between Mylio and other apps, and I am wondering if anyone can suggest what might be done about it.

Here is a single screenshot of two windows open simultaneously, with Mylio’s representation of the image on the left, and Preview’s on the right (this is on a Mac - Preview is the general purpose image viewer). Preview matches what Affinity Photo and other apps show. They are all working off the same JPEG file.

I should add that the image being displayed is a _display JPEG created using an external editor, with no further adjustments made. It should look the same.

Update: I’m wondering if Mylio was showing a stale preview here. I tried closing Mylio and the other apps, changing the colour profile for the screen to the default in system preferences, and then doing the comparison again; the difference was still there, but much less. Then I changed the screen profile back to my calibrated profile, and the difference was still there but much less than originally. There is a difference in the red saturation, and I see it in several images.

Possibly your external editor saved the _display JPEG in Adobe RGB, or other color space? I think Mylio only deals with sRGB color space.

Excellent idea, thanks - it’s sRGB IEC61966-2.1, which is also what my cameras use for JPEGs and should be fine, but I see that Mylio’s exports just say ‘sRGB built-in’ - I have no idea what it is built-in to.

It’s really odd, especially since the difference has largely gone away now, and the effect was not just visible on this image alone. It’s as if the previews had not been regenerated in a timely fashion when the _display versions were added.