Connect Network Vault after Re-Install

I migrated my PC to Windows 10 last week and also copied the mylio folder to its original location. Although I was not able to do a catalog recovery (as described here:, it only took about 10 minutes to resync from my USB vault. So that went fine.

Unfortunately Mylio can’t connect to my NAS, although it is mounted exactly the same way and on its original location. It shows as offline and does not display any error messages in notifications. Is there a way to force this? I don’t want to rebuild the catalog from scratch on my NAS, as this would probably take at least one day with my USB vault and PC running all the time and my files would be unprotected for that period.

For USB vaults, the catalog (database) is kept on the USB drive itself - so re-connecting is very quick. For NAS vaults, the catalog is kept on the host PC - so a re-scan and re-build is required when all the files are moved.

Thanks, I’ll try to do that.

So if you’re using storage attached via network, everything relies on a local client PC? That sounds quite scary. One more reason for the headless linux version, Mylio really needs to tackle that issue.

Yes, same as for local (USB-attached) external drives - it’s just a disk drive to Mylio. Only difference between USB and NAS case is where Mylio keeps its SQLite database files for that device - on the storage drive (USB) vs on the host PC (NAS). The latter presumably due to reliability of database file updates over SMB/NFS.