Copy Metdata from one photo to another?

Sometimes I create an edited version to a photo in anexternal tool which I then copy into Mylio’s photo folders as a separate photo. This photo might have lost through the editing process the metadata of the original.

But I want to give this edited version the metadata (date, camera, etc) of the original photo. - Is there way to do this in/with Mylio?

None that I’m aware of. I would try using exiftool to copy from the original to the edited version before bringing the edited version back in to Mylio.

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Thanks @aearenda.

When using exiftool would you write the metadata into the edited image or into a XMP sidecar file of the edited image?

You can write the metadata to the image file BEFORE importing it into Mylio - and Mylio should read it upon importing. But if the new image file was already imported into the Mylio catalog, then you’ll need to write any metadata changes to the XMP sidecar file.


Good to know.

It is a great tip to write for existing images only to their XMP!