Crashing my Mac Mini M1

I’ve recently started using Mylio on my new Mac Mini M1 with 16GB RAM. I’m trying to add a folders and devices, and Apple Photos library, adding up to 60-70.000 images. Originals are being stored on an external network attached disk and in Google Disk. So there’s a lot going on.

However, my Mac keeps crashing. Mylio is running and in Dashboard I can see files being synced up/down between the disks/cloud, but after maybe 5-10 minutes my whole Mac shuts down and reboots. I never get to complete the first full sync of all files because of this crash.

My Mac has never crashed before, and is totally stable as long as Mylio is not running.

Anyone else experienced this?

I tried disabeling both face recognintion and OCR to see if that helped, but no. Still crashes my Mac (it reboots) after maybe 10 minutes.

This happened to me too, although I only had 20.000+ photos. After all photos had been synced fully, the crashing stopped. Since that initial full sync I have not had any problems.

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Thanks for your feedback. Maybe I should try syncing less pictures at a time. But it seems impossible to pause/stop syncing of just some locations… I’ll give it a new try, or maybe I’ll just reset the whole thing and start over.

Importing in smaller batches and/or only syncing to one other device at a time after a large import can help decrease the load on your computer, limit the number of concurrent processes happening in Mylio, and may lead to better results. It’s also possible Mylio is getting “stuck” processing a particular file.

If you continue to run into issues, please submit a support ticket from within Mylio by opening the View Menu (the three vertical dots in the top-right) and selecting Help → Contact Mylio Support. Type in a subject and click “Upload”.

I have a new M1 Mac Mini [16GB RAM/256GB SSD] and have used it to sync 230,000 pictures. I use it with an external 2TB SSD, as one vault, and a USB hard drive as another. I don’t use Apple Photo library very often.

Mylio hangs occasionally but I have never seen the Mac restart.

The problem seemed to go away when I removed Google Drive as a vault. I let most images complete syncing, and then I re-added Google Drive as a vault. Now it completes sync without crashing the Mac.

But it came back as soon as I added my external USB-drive again. It syncs for maybe 5 minutes, and all is fine, no extreme CPU-load, and then sudeenly the Mac gets slower and after a few seconds it locks up. A minute or two later the Mac reboots.

I wish it was possible to pause one device while syncing another, because now I’m just importing one USB-drive, but it still crashes my Mac. Maybe because it is simultaniously syncing the other devices/vaults, which I can’t stop Mylio from doing…

I have an Intel MacBook Pro with quad core i7, 16GB RAM, and I too get Mylio crashes and sometimes even system kernel panics when importing photos and it can happen with as little as just 100 photos. I’ve submitted numerous crash logs and the person I was working with from support said it was related to some kind of OpenGL graphics drivers which they claim there is nothing they can do since it’s an Apple problem.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: this is not an Apple Silicon/M1 issue. I believe this is an issue with the Mylio software itself.

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I tried unregistering Google Drive again, so now it’s only trying to import 20-30.000 photos from an external Samsung SSD connected via USB. But still the Mac locks up and reboots after a few minutes.

When looking at Activity monitor I see that Mylio itself only uses maybe 40-50% CPU, but after a few minutes kernel_task rises up to around 200% CPU, and soon after the Mac hangs/crashes.

After the crash Spotlight/mds/mdworker_shared use a lot of CPU for a while, so I let those “cool off” before I start Mylio again. But everytime the same thing happens.

(Mylio itself has never crashed. It’s the Mac that locks up and reboots.)

And there my NAS-device (an external USB hard drive connected to an old Mac Mini in my living room via ethernet) completed downloading images, and as soon as that was completed, everything is stable. The import from my locally connected USB SSD is now churning away without problems. So it seems to have something to do with the NAS or mayne just that it doesn’t handle syncing two or more vaults simulationously.

I now tried adding my Google Drive as a vault, and it seems to be working stable. The NAS suddenly got some new files and is now syncing again, but so far this is working fine.

Did you find a solution?
I have the same behavior. Syncing to cloud storage or other devices is no problem, but syncing to a NAS results after some time in a restart of the mac mini m1.

Can you perhaps try and run Mylio under Rosetta and see if it still gives this issue. (And can you post back here whether it worked?)

Just go into “Get Info” on the Mylio icon in Applications, and click on “Open using Rosetta”.

Thanks for the advice. I tried it yesterday with around 5k photos to sync. First I just had my USB drive and OneDrive connected, everything went fine. So no change between Rosetta or M1 here. After that I connected my NAS share and synced to that. I had 1 reboot during the whole process, so sadly no real difference, but it only happens with bigger syncs, so I try to sync more often or will just add smaller batches at once.

Running Mylio under Rosetta makes no difference. Updating to latest version makes no difference.

Mylio runs fine on my MacBook Air M1, but there it’s only syncing local pics from it’s internal SSD (and previews/thumbnails from other remote devices). So it’s not the M1 per se causing problems, it seems to be when syncing to a NAS on a M1 Mac that makes it crash. Or maybe just syncing to many devices at once. My Mac Mini M1 that crashes is syncing to a Samsung T5 external SSD, a NAS, Google Drive etc at the same time.

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