Crazy CPU usage whenever Mylio is open (even idle)

I have a pretty high-end MacBook Pro (mid-2018, 2.7GHz quad-cord i7, 16GB RAM, over 100GB free on my SSD) and Mylio is only app that has ever choked it. It insists on using 100-150% of my CPU even when idle. This ramps up the fans full blast and starts draining my fully charged battery despite having a 90W charger attached to a system which only requires 61W. It boggles my mind how Mylio is using up so much energy, especially when it’s activity section is empty which would make one think that its doing nothing. It’s obviously doing something, and I’d like to know what that is. My system is pretty much unusable for anything else when Mylio is open as the system starts throttling the CPU due to so much heat. Again I want to reiterate that no other apps on my system do this.

This out of control resource usage does not reduce or stop when the app is minimized or closed…only when fully quit and then after a few mins of cooling off, performance goes back to normal again.

Is this a known issue? If so, when will it be fixed? If not, what can I do to help you find a fix?

The only workaround I’ve found thus far is a 3rd party program called App Tamer. I started their 15 day free trail and set Mylio to never use more then 50% CPU and so far it is doing it’s job and keeping Mylio throttled so the rest of my system is usable. However this is a dirty solution that I would like to avoid.




I have App Tamer, but I have never needed to throttle Mylio. I am wondering whether it has always been like this for you, or only in the most recent release where OCR was introduced? Or have you recently turned face recognition on?

It has always been bad, but even worse as of lately.
Initially my OCR feature didn’t work until I left the app open for a few hours. Then OCR started working. So I’d like to assume that the OCR scanning process is done but without anything in the activity log its hard to tell for sure. Also I have not recently turned on face recognition, I’ve had that on from the start. I also have not added that many photos recently (maybe 10-20 per week) so its not like I threw tens of thousands of photos at it all at once.

I find Mylio to be a resource hog also. iMac 2017. I always assumed it is mainly Face ID (whatever it’s called) and I also have it syncing to about 6 other devices or drives. Now with OCR that’s bound to have made it worse. Even on my MBP which has Mylio but not a vault uses a fair amount:

Safari is at 5% with 20 or 30 windows opened. I have about 120k images.

I have exactly the same issue…

If look at the Notifications and Activity screen (by clicking the speech bubble on the top right), I find that the following items are getting repeated ad nauseum.

  • Scanning
  • Moving folder on disk
  • Protecting files in online vault
  • Cleaning up file system

And this is despite the fact that all the vaults etc. are synced up.

I was NOT facing CPU issues earlier have started noticing them only recently. Perhaps it was one of the updates.

It is definitely a BUG that has been introduced.

Can someone from the Mylio team please advise.

In addition, when I open up the console, I just see non-stop messages like this:

And this is what seems to be causing the 100% CPU.

Is there any way stop this ‘move’?