Create Vault on external drive that can be moved

I’d like to leave an external drive connected to my desktop (iMac) with a Mylio vault and be able to take that along for use with my laptop (MBP). That way I could add photos and have some assurance that the a full resolution copy is on a drive and be able to edit while on the road. My laptop doesn’t have a big enough SSD for a Vault. It does have an “other.”

As I write this I’m creating a Vault on a drive connected to my laptop. It’s probably going to take more than a week and will require that I make sure to sync it before leaving on a trip. Not convenient to leave the external drive hooked up all the time.

Why shouldn’t the Vault be tied to the drive, not the computer it is connected to? I don’t doubt that this is a coding challenge and Mylio’s syncing ability is one of its strong points.

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This is how Mylio already works - see earlier response from Mylio employee:

I’ll speculate the main reason for this distinction - between “External Drive” and “NAS” - is that local SQLite database transactions are not guaranteed to be reliable over a network drive. Thus for the “NAS” case the vault’s copy of the Mylio database is stored on the controlling PC, not on the drive.

So it is. Not sure what was going on; but since I posted this six weeks ago I’ve forgotten the details.

Maybe I wasn’t patient enough. But it works as expected. External drive plugged into different computers is recognized by Mylio.

@jimre Thank you for responding. Don’t know why I missed the response at the time of the posting.

I’d like to see this go one step further. Lots of photographers are now looking into the viability of going “iPad Pro native” for their photography workflow, and it is almost possible!

I’d like to be able to plug in my USB-C SSD to my iPad and have Mylio detect the vault that I put there when initially setting up on my MacBook. Apple are finally starting to become more flexible in supporting external devices. Developers should encourage Apple by making use of such facilities :slight_smile:


This is high on our list of things we want to do. There are a few things we have to do beforehand, but we’ll certainly get to this point.


Hi Mylio_Matt, have you been able to go further on this subject?
Is the a chance for it in the near future?

Thank you for your good work!