Critical bug: Mylio refers to wrong files on duplicate names imported from different devices

Hi folks,

Reporting a critical bug that I ran into several times already and that undermines my trust in the tool. It’s frustrating and I’m getting to the point of regretting choosing Mylio to manage my photos.

I’m a paying Mylio customer with 100K+ photos managed across 4-5 devices. The main reason I chose Mylio is its ability to aggregate photos across all devices.

The issue I frequently run into is Mylio becoming confused when it comes across files with the same name imported across devices.

The symptoms are the following:
Let’s suppose “device1” has img1.jpg in 2019 and the “device2” has img1.jpg as well, as it was copied from “device1”.
Then, “device2” had names rolled over (or, I also saw the same behavior if it has *.jpg and *.heic files), so img1.jpg is shot again.

Then, what I see in Mylio is that when it imports the “img1.jpg” again, it would rename it to “img1-1.jpb”, yet it seems to override the img1.xmp file for it, and weirdly in the database it starts to refer to the old “img1.jpg”, while having new shot data for the “img1-1.jpg”.

I could not find any way around it other than removing the original img1.jpg file.

I could not reliably reproduce the issue, but saw it often enough, in very unexpected places, that now I’m never sure whether Mylio is showing me “real” photos, or is not losing any under me.