Custom fields describing the date the photo was taken.

The idea is that I can have fields where I can enter a custom date when the photo was taken.

For example, 197X or 1985 ca… Then to be able to link this field to the calendar option. Of course, the calendar should be able to sort such dates (197X before 1985 ca.).

The calendar should continue to show existing dates from files taken with digital cameras.
That way I (and many other people with thousands of old photos) wouldn’t have to make up dates (e.g. enter 1970 because you don’t know if the photo was taken in 1971 or 1975 or 1978).

I plan to pass my photo archive on to my daughters someday, and I would like the photos to reflect dates as closely as possible.

Just as the national archives segregate photos (1945 ca.), I would like to be able to do the same with this program.

Unfortunately, there is no software on the market that helps to sort old photos whose exact date of taking is unknown.

Hi Luke,

If I am understanding your request correctly, this feature already exists in Mylio. We call it Fuzzy Dates or Date Ranges. You can read more about it here: Setting Capture Dates For Photos Without an Exact Date - Mylio Support

Basically it let’s you set a photo to either “undated” or to a date range. So if you wanted a photo to be represented in the calendar in the Summer of 1972, you can give it a date range of June 1, 1972 - Aug 31, 1972, for example. The would then be displayed in the calendar (or when sorting by date in any view) accordingly. If you set the photo to “undated” (which is the very first thing I do with any print or negative photos I scan into Mylio) the calendar view will group then into their own container at the very top of the calendar decade mode, until such time you assign either a single date or a date range to the photo.

This date data is part of Mylio’s xmp structure, and does not get written to the original file unless you specifically ask Mylio to do so using the “Save Metadata to File” command.

Hope this helps with organization efforts.

Thank you very much for your answer.

I will test this option.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: