Dealing with Whatsapp

Hi everyone,
I don’t know well how the situation is overseas, but here in Italy it is unfortunately a de-facto standart to use Whatsapp for all kind of communications and image sharing between family and friends.
I say unfortunately because from an image and storage management point of view i call it an unstoppable disaster.
First, because it is unable to use external SD cards, causing unstoppable storage consumption especially with videos and received documents.
Second, because it promotes share of downscaled images, which often become our only image to be archived.
Third, it clears metadata from images and originates duplication of files.
Unfortunately it is not possible for most of people to promote the use of different communicators among a vast heterogeneous group of people, so only thing I can do is to calmly and periodically empty WA folders and process them. But I can do only for my and my wife’s phones.
I was thinking of writing a workflow for people having the same problem and deal with the process: image duplication, meaning of folders created by WA, restoration of metadata (I’ve been able to restore them extrapolating the file names) and so on.


Wonderful idea! Same problem here, so any expertise is welcome :blush: