Deduplication Features

Hi All,

I thought I read a post somewhere from Mylio’s CEO stating that a deduplication feature would be released within a few weeks. I am not sure if it is in Mylio and I am unable to find it or if it has simply not been released. Does anyone know how to de-duplicate photos in Mylio using their built-in features?

I am assuming that if such a feature has not been released then the only option I have would be to:

  1. Remove a folder from Mylio
  2. Remove all XMP Files
  3. Run De-duplication
  4. Add folder back to Mylio

Does this four-step process sound right?

Thank you.

Hello @atharkhan

You are correct in that the deduplication feature has not yet been released.

Regarding your steps, why do you feel you’d have to remove a folder from Mylio before running deduplication? I have successfully ran dedup directly on a Mylio vault before without any issues.

It might be beneficial to know more about your entire setup however. Do you have multiple vaults? How large is your library? What deduplication software do you intend to use?

I figured I would have to remove the folder for two reasons:

  1. The XMP files would not be deleted and if they were left behind, I am not sure how I would get rid of them.

  2. I read that safe delete can be an issue when doing deduplication (even if safe delete is turned off).

Ok, that makes sense. When I did it, I simply deleted the orphan xmp files manually in the file system after the fact. I also took one of my vaults offline until I was sure the deletion made by the dedupe software made sense. But it all really depends on your comfort level. There’s a reason we’re being very careful with the built-in dedupe feature - there’s lots of variables :slight_smile:

Might be worth while gathering more feedback form other users on their own third party dedupe experiences.

The good news: we are as committed as ever to deduce. We have now put a huge amount of work into it and the base system is done, fast, and works well. That said we discovered that to make it really usable some work was still required. So, that’s the “other” news. And, that’s why most people in my position never venture future ship dates. I’d rather continue to say what I know. At this point we’re looking at “fall”.