Delete Doesn't Remove Image Immediately

I’m having a strange problem when I delete a photo when looking at a single image. I hit delete, I confirm that it will be deleted, but it doesn’t skip to the next file anymore. It used to immediately go to the next image. Now I see the deleted imagine and have to manually go to the next one. If I go back, the image is still there. When I switch to multi-photo view, the deleted image is gone.

Anyone know what caused the change in behaviour?

I see this too and have reported it as a bug, which is under investigation.

The delete operation will wait until sync is complete. Just to make sure we’re talking about the same issue (and it’s not something else in addition), can you temporarily disable sync under “Settings/Sync” and see if your deletes go through immediately after?

Don’t forget to turn it back on!

Turning sync off doesn’t change it for me - the deletion still leaves the image that was deleted on show.

Even when I was offline, the photo used to disappear immediately when I deleted it. It didn’t wait for sync to complete. Is this an intended change in behavior?

Ok yeah, I see this as well now. Definitely not intentional. Will get it fixed.

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This problem has occurred for us on multiple devices (iPhones, iPad, MacBook, Mac mini) since the last major update. Looking forward to it being fixed as is really frustrating.