Deleting photos

I want to try out Mylio and inadvertently tried to import too many photos. I selected all, clicked delete, and get a message that it would delete from Mylio and my file system which may contain originals. Does this mean erase from my drive?
I just tried it with one I didn’t care about and it did delete the original. How do I stop that? I’m afraid I’m going to lose my photos!

It depends how you imported it. If you imported it using Copy, (assuming the option for delete after importing was turned off), that original is still in it’s old place.
I think that it’s more likely you imported using Source Folders. In that case, you can go to settings > Source Folders and you can toggle off folders that you don’t want to keep in Mylio, but will not delete the folder.
Assuming this is on a computer and not a phone or tablet.

Thank you. I’m in the process of copying all photos from the external drive I was using to a second one. I hope to start all over safely, AFTER reading all the instructions! My goal is to get every photo in one place and then search for dupes to delete, then organize into folders. I haven’t seen anything about Mylio finding dupes.

Mylio kinda sees “suspected duplicates” and won’t import them if you have that option turned on but beyond that, it won’t do a lot. I suggest using a dedup program (Photosweeper on Mac is my go to, it’s been mentioned on this forum what Windows people use) BEFORE importing into Mylio, though it’s not impossible to do after - it might create the appearance of “lost originals” in Mylio if you delete photos with the dedup program. You can safely delete these if their file extension is .xmp so it’s not a big deal, but is scary looking.
I forget if this slight bug has been addressed but that’s been my experience.

Same question please can someone answer this?

Hi @Bella - I know it’s all rather confusing, but @katie180 did answer the original question - the answer is, “It depends on how you imported it” - as well as the duplicates question. Perhaps you could tell us more about what you are trying to achieve.

I love what Mylio offers but it has taken every photo when I specifically imported folders.

It would not allow me to use My Windows 10 as the vault.

I have uninstalled and it has taken four hours and still going to uninstall.

It is too confusing for me with severe health problems. I am stuffing it up.

Realisation hit me that I can no longer
Do my photos and that hurts because of health. Love your program.

Hope uninstalling correctly.


You sound very disappointed with Mylio. I’m sorry it has worked out this way for you.

Yes, I am disappointed. Ithink the program is excellent, but sad because my health won’t allow me to use it as it should be used. That’s the upsetting part.

Hi Bella

I can sympathise with you as I know very well the strain trying to manage a family archive. I myself am an IT professional and even I find the structure a concept difficult to manage. I like to know where my files are. Handling duplicates is also a big issue.

You’re like my mum as I know the average user could easily be baffled. All that said I like the product and am here to help it grow and simplify if possible.

All the best

I might give it another try but I’d be much more likely to if duplicates went to a “Recently Deleted” file first, rather than being erased.

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Thank you Stuart for understanding. I am I’ll and not long left for me. I started compiling, scanning photos about 12 years ago, and the was using Windows. Focus was on getting them in order of folders I liked and that family could relate too.
Next cane a newer development as made move to Apple Mac, Here it was easier to put in. GPS, and name people,so I could pull up all photos of my daughter and her dad etc. make a folder, a movie etc. then a year ago reverted back to Windows and since then although photos still in my folder structure it is difficult to add gps, only seven people.s names (main family only).
I find it really distressing I can no longer do this, as my days are spent in bed with carers, or hugging the carpet as I fall, barely eat…and seeing photos of times gone past give me such joy they take my mind off pain and what is happening to my body.
I thought I struck gold with Mylio, but I did, but I can’t manage it…makes me very sad.
People ask why I want geotagging. Well when my dad passed on five years ago, my daughter by looking at photos mapped out where my mum lived as little girl, where she met the man of her dreams, his home, their honeymoon, and places they used to frequent and took my mum on a drive to these places not saying a word. Needless to say mum was overwhelmed with love and memories.
I will just have to leave the folders be as they are now in Windows. I can not do it any more, and hurts like hell, given last few years has seen a wedding if my daughter, engagement of other daughter, a first grandchild who lives a long way away and hopefully due to Covid was cancelled this wedding will take place in April and I won’t be able to do my thing for my youngest daughter and my grandson. That makes me feel so sad.
But that is life.
Thank you for understanding. It was the only thing literally I could do, and now,that is taken from me. Oh well…that’s life as they say.
I do believe Mylio has potential, but for me, it needs to be very much simplified.
Thanks for understanding

I fear I may be having the same issues. I totally messed up loading because I got confused reading and trying to hold too many thoughts at once. Not so quick as when I was younger. Hoping to uninstall and start over again. The program sounds good, and other remarks are positive. Just know Belinda you are not alone.

Thanks Edie, I have given up but didn’t want too. Don’t need the stress of it all. Think program excellent just too hard for me to use.
Thanks for understanding