Disable Wi-Fi sync warning?

I prefer to sync my iPhone with my Mac when I am on Wi-Fi, and not use cellular, but when I am away from home (and my computer) and I open Mylio I get the following warning. It seems a bit silly to me to get this more or less every time. How can I teach Mylio a bit of patience?

I hope I didn’t ask something already answered, but I could not find this when searching.

Other than turning on Sync Using Cellular , I’m not sure you can supress this warning.

I expected as much, as I haven’t found any option, despite quite some searching. Syncing using cellular won’t help much as my laptop is usually closed when I don’t use it. :roll_eyes:

I find that enabling “sync using cellular” is not a big deal. Main reason is that Mylio simply cannot sync in the background on iOS. It must be running in the foreground to sync, per Apple restrictions. So it’s not like Mylio will be secretly draining your cell plan and/or battery in the background while you’re not using it.

Sync via cellular will not make the message go away.

Instead of being warned that wifi is not possible, you will get the warning that cellular data is being used.

So you are just trading one nagging warning message for another.

I complained about this in another thread recently, and I just hope those warning messages become one-time messages, and not every time you change your location or restart the app.

I never get any “using cellular” warning messages. I have “sync using cellular” enabled. Coincidence?

EDIT: more likely due to my disabling all popup notifications, see below.

Have you tried disabling popup notifications altogether?

Settings -> Appearance -> Display Notifications outside of the notification panel (yes/no)

Sadly it won’t stop the red dot from appearing every time.

Small red dot I can live with. In-your-face popups, no.