Distinguish overlapping events

How can I distinguish two events that overlap in time? For example, a child’s school trip coincides with a friend’s wedding. It would not be a good idea to mix up the pictures based on the same time.



You could use Scope by Folder to limit event photos to a specific folder. Or you could set an Event Filter on a variety of criteria such as color label, categories, people, or camera used.

Working with folders doesn’t work very well for those of us that syncs with Apple Photos, the photos isn’t quite in a folder. Event filters sounds interesting but I don’t quite see it would help here. I agree with @balazslalopal_SzeLoI that a separation feature could be handy.

How else would you separate them, if not by some metadata like Categories or Color Label, etc? Perhaps being able to turn an Album into an Event on the calendar is more like what you’re thinking of - but I’m not sure if that’s feasible for Mylio.

I presume a new view dialog, when a photo is within the overlapping part of two events one can for instance right click the photo and in the context menu select “Assign to event…”. Then there is a list of the overlapping events and one can select one of them.

Another way would be for Mylio to group according to the location data, but I think it is far too many corner cases for this to be feasible. Makes more sense to do it manually as above (and it will be pretty fast if one can multi-select the photos and then assign to the right event – it is only necessary to do for those that are listed in the wrong event).

Something I would be more interested in is a fuzziness; if an event ends at 16:00 and one photo is taken 16:01 it is currently (if I am not mistaken) not included in the event, even if it makes sense to include it. A menu option “Assign to event…” would solve that beautifully.

It would be even better to assign the event to an album! If there was such an option …


This is exactly the type of situation the event filter was design to solve. If the two events coincide, it is very likely - for example - that the photos were not taken with the same camera. For example, 2-4pm on Saturday: Mom goes to son’s soccer game and takes pic with her nice point and shoot Sony camera; Dad goes to Daughter’s basketball games and takes photos with his iPhone 12. Two concurrent events, one filtered to only include iPhone 12 photos the other to only include Sony P&S photos.

Of course it is possible the same camera model was used (like two iPhone 12 for example) in that case you could assign a category to each set of photos (like soccer and basketball) to still make the filtering work.

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Why should the distinction be left to the technical supporting actors, when the protagonist - the human being - can decide what to associate with what? For example, by arranging the photographs of each event in different albums. This is the simplest and most convenient solution.

Right, which is why a Folder can be turned into an event with one switch. Folders in Mylio are the one containers that’s “actual” vs “virtual”, meaning photos in a Folder actually live in that folder (the file can actually be found in the filesytem outside of Mylio). Albums - and all other containers in Mylio really - are virtual, meaning a photo can be found there but the actual file is not moved - they’re only virtual representations.

The logic for having the “Show as Event” attribute on a Folder rather than on an album is that a photo is more likely to only be part of a single event. And Events tend to be important enough to justify them having their own folder - like a wedding.

At any rate, turning an album into an event is something the product team will consider, but I can’t comment on the feasibility or likelihood of it being implemented.