Dropping support for Android lower than 8.1

Sometime last year I remember seeing an announcement that in the first half of 2021, any Android devices lower than version 8.1 would no longer be able to sync with Mylio on other devices. I can’t find that information anywhere now and am not sure if it’s happened. I’m reluctant to do updates on other (windows & iphone) devices in case my older Android device gets left behind. How can I know if it’s still safe to update everything and that all devices will still be able to sync? I don’t mind whether or not the Android device is on the latest version, but I do need it to keep syncing with everything else.

As of Mylio version 3.14 (released in February), the new minimum system requirement is Android 8.1 and later.

The latest version of Mylio (3.15) will still sync with 3.13 on your Android device, so it is fine to update your PC and iPhone right now. Periodically we do have to update Mylio in a way that prevents the newest version from syncing with older versions.

To ensure sync compatibility isn’t broken with your Android device, I recommend turning off automatic updates in the App Store on your iPhone. When a Mylio update is available, you can check the changelog (Mylio Change Log and Version Release Notes - Mylio) to see if it includes a breaking change.