Duplicate Finder Feature

I had been told early in the summer that Mylio would have its duplicate finder feature available probably in August 2021. Then I heard September. Is there a definite date that the duplicate finder feature will be available in Mylio?

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I can’t give a definite date - but I will share a bit of insider info from an Engineering perspective.

  1. It is our highest priority item currently, we have several dedicated people in the company actively working on and testing it daily. It’s not just a “we’ll get to it one day” thing - it’s a very active workitem.
  2. We had our first implementation around August and then started user-testing it on larger libraries, and decided it was not good enough to ship. It was a hard decision, but @Mylio_David and I both agreed to send it back for additional revisions.
  3. In general we ship in cycles of around 6 weeks to 8 weeks, but it will not be in the very next update that comes out in a week or two from now. The one thereafter? Maybe.

But I’ll also share some features:

  1. It is the fastest DeDup tool out there that I’m aware of at any library size. Finding dups is almost as fast as switching views from “All Photos” to Files.
  2. It is well integrated into Mylio. For example if you have a photo in an Album and delete it as a duplicate, it will swap the remaining photo into that Album.
  3. It supports general Mylio Filters: “Show me just the dups taken with this Camera” so you can dedup your library in chunks however works best for you. We added a “Folder” to the filter bar since that would be a pretty common criteria for finding duplicates. The filter can either be narrow: “Find duplicates just within this sets of photos” or wide “Find duplicates of these photos against the whole library”.
  4. The automatic marking/selecting of duplicates to delete is similar to other apps.
  5. The remove process is either Delete-with-verify, Move-out-of-Mylio or straight Delete. Since this will be a very large bulk operation for many people, we wanted to make sure you don’t end up deleting good files and keeping ones which have had bit-rot since the time you imported it. Many people have Mylio libraries large enough that standard URE’s on a drive which are completely within spec will corrupt 1 or 2 images files on disk every year, and we don’t want to delete a good file and leave the corrupted one.
  6. The first release won’t have fuzzy matching, but will allow differences in XMP, and merge those using an adjustable ruleset. Keep in mind that all Mylio edits are XMP-only, so any visual Mylio changes that you have in an image (even crop or rotate) is still just an XMP change. But if you exported an image at a lower resolution or different format, we won’t pick those up yet.

My calendar says mid October. SO, effectively to sum up……NOT THIS YEAR! …….Who could have seen that coming?

Have you folks heard of TestFlight? “Not quite ready” seems like a great use case for volunteers looking to kick the tires OR just move on from Mylio.

Of course. It’s not really possible to ship an iOS product without dealing with TestFlight.

I think what you are asking though is why we don’t have a broad volunteer program. The problem with a volunteer program is that you can’t test/try on your actual Mylio account. You’d have to have a separate account, meaning you’d need a secondary PC/Mac/iPhone/Android/USB etc. with a duplicate set of pictures that you don’t mind risking, but you’d still need to use every Mylio feature in there and do face tagging, curating, replication etc. knowing that it won’t update your main account so you’d have to repeat everything on there. For it to be worthwhile you’d need to spend at least 2 weeks out of every 6 doing this.

We had a program like this in the past but received very little feedback, mostly due to the effort required in maintaining a separate device ecosystem for testing. The line between being a great volunteer and the point where you should just be applying for a test job at Mylio isn’t a lot… (We do have openings!).

We do have much more broad design testing, that our design team performs on user interface before features are implemented. This testing goes out to many public volunteers that I know we use another company to help put us in contact with. I don’t have the details on what it takes to sign up, but I can find out from our design team if you’re interested.


I appreciate your response, and I am glad that it is the top priority. The features look amazing, I can’t wait to be able to try it out. And once again, if you need another beta tester, I’m happy to volunteer.

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