Duplicate photos in Mylio; not in vaults

I just exported four photos from Capture One into a folder being monitored by Mylio. It is now showing me a total of six photos in that folder – the four originals and two of them duplicated. Why?

This has happened over the space of the last five minutes. I haven’t edited anything. I haven’t moved anything (after exporting from Capture One). I checked the folder again – there are only four there.

I have quit Mylio and restarted it. No change. I selected the folder and did “Organize->Scan for Changes”. No change. The folder shown for each of the six is the same (and pointing to the correct folder). Mylio reports exactly the same name for both photos. If I delete one, the other remains.

I exported photos to two other (watched) folders at the same time. No duplicates there.

Suggestions on what’s going on would be most welcome. Even better, how to avoid this in the future.

The best idea I’ve had is that Mylio was running when I exported into Mylio’s watched folders. Does that matter? I hope not!

If you look in the folder using the Finder (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows), I expect there are extra XMP files with a -1 suffix on their names. I have seen this sort of thing happen, and yes, leaving Mylio open when the transfer happens seems to make it more likely. Unfortunately, in my experience it’s almost impossible to deliberately provoke it to happen, so as to be able to bug it. It seems to be related to how quickly sync happens to vaults on other computers, but I have never been able to pin it down. It could also be that C1 creates the file and then updates it while Mylio is looking at it. Exporting to a computer that is itself a vault seems to make it less likely that such things happen. Not much help really, sorry!

Thanks, @aearenda. First thing I did was check the folder. Only the expected four photos were there, nothing else. No xmp files, nothing with -1 appended, etc. I’ve run into that one, too.

I’ll be shutting down Mylio before adding pictures in the future. Pity.

I’ve had similar problems with Lightroom when importing or editing photos being “watched” in a Mylio Source Folder. Now I routinely exit Mylio before importing photos into Lightroom, go thru and “cull” the rejects in LR, then re-start Mylio which imports the remaining new photos.

I’m sure it’s a complex timing thing, related to how some applications actually save or update files under the covers (eg, creating a copy, updating that, then renaming/replacing the original file).

I just encountered the inverse issue, after around 100 images were imported to Mylio by folder copy without closing Mylio first (by accident) - duplicates in a vault, but not in the UI. On the main computer where I did this, which is itself a vault, I found that some XMP files were not being updated with label changes, while on my second computer, which has a vault on an external drive, there were two copies of both the JPG and the XMP file for those affected, and the new changes were going into the copy there with the -1 suffix, but were not being saved on the main computer.

I resolved the situation by closing Mylio on both computers, copying all the material from the second computer’s external drive to a new folder on the main computer, deleting the non -1 versions in there, and renaming the -1 versions to remove the -1. I then started Mylio again on both computers, and it replicated the new folder correctly; I then removed the old folder on the main computer, and it was removed on the second one automatically, so all is well now, as far as I can tell.

I don’t think things like this should happen in Mylio, of course; but just imagine trying to resolve a similar situation using an app where everything is in a proprietary ‘blob’ library! I am so glad that Mylio’s folders are easily accessible, with text in XMPs for everything.

This can happen when you add new files to Mylio over the file system. I reported it as a bug. I thought it is fixed in the meantime. To work around it, I currently add new pictures in a non watched folder and then import this complete folder via Mylio. I use my own folder structure for my pictures.

A hint from the devs, when this is fixed would be highly appreciated.

I just saw i had a folder showing duplicates in the UI (with only one photo on drive but there are dupllicate xmp-1 files. Is there a quick way to remove them?