Duplicates imported from iphone?

When I import photos from my iphone, there are two photos of each. Like this: IMG_3674 and IMG_E3674. The two are identical in the way they look. Anyone seen this before? I am not sure what is happening. I guess I can delete one of them. But there are many, so I have to try a search to find all containing “E”?

There’s a thread about the ‘E’ photos here: iPhone photo filename with letter "e": iOS Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Normally when you edit an iPhone photo in the Apple Photos app, it’s non-destructive editing. The original file is kept, along with a sidecar file containing the edit instructions (AAE in Apple’s case, rather than the usual XMP), and a JPEG with the edits rendered. It seems the rendered, edited JPEG often has the same file name as the original, with an “E” (for edited).

In my case, I’m running Mylio on my iPhone to import photos from the Camera Roll. For edited photos - Mylio imports BOTH the original file and the the rendered JPEG and creates a Mylio “bundle” file (.MYB) to “stack” them together. But the rendered JPEG has _display.jpg appended, not an “E”.

How are you importing them from the iPhone? And what version of Mylio are you using?

I import to Mylio by opening Mylio on my iphone and on my pc. The photos then syncs to my pc. I use the newest version of Mylio.

Today I imported some new photos from my iphone into Mylio. When opening in explorer, I see this:

What is the first file here? (first from left)

The photo file IMG_3870 show up in Mylio as just one photo like this: IMG_3870.(jpg.myb.jgp)
This is the way it is supposed to be? It seems like Mylio doesn`t procuce xmp-files when indexing files. I guess that is the right behaviour.

But I also have lone myb-files in Mylio. They show up as photos in Mylio. The actual photos are already in Mylio, so I guess I can delete these lone myb-files?

One more thing I have discovered lately:
The filename annotation is visible for some photos but not all. What can be the reason?


I understand the urge to tinker & figure out how things work - but in general DON’T delete ANY files that Mylio creates. You’ll be sorry. Having said that -

The .MYLock file is created by Mylio in folders that are being “watched”. It’s used internally by Mylio. I don’t know the precise usage, but the word “lock” indicates it has something to do with concurrent access, perhaps by multiple instances of Mylio or other apps.

Your “duplicate” image files are created deliberately by Apple - because you edited these images in the Photos app on your iPhone. Apple’s Photos app does non-destructive editing, which means it keeps both the original file plus a second copy that displays all your editing changes. Both copies get imported to Mylio - with the second one given the “_display” suffix.

The .MYB file is a Mylio “bundle” file. This is how Mylio “stacks” multiple versions of the same file, so they appear as one file in the grid.

If you try to edit these photos in Mylio - you will be given choice: Do you want to edit the original photo as shot on the iPhone? Or do you want to edit the “already edited” version that’s being displayed?

I’m not sure what you mean by “filename annotation” ?

Thank you for quick response!

I will leave the “lock”-file. But I don`t understand the lone myb-files yet. This is how it looks in the filewindow:

If I right-click and choose show in explorer, I get the message: “The original file is not on this device”. These myb-files show up in ADDITION to the same files in a different folder:

When I right-click on these, they show up in explorer.

So is it right that I can delete these lone myb-files? It can`t be right that the same photos shall show up two times in Mylio?!

When it comes to the “duplicate” photo files, I haven`t done any editing in Photos app. So this is strange. Maybe a setting on my iphone? For example format 16:9 instead of 4:3?

Filename annotation was perhaps a wrong way to say it;) I meant that some photos show up with filename in the filewindow and some don`t. I wonder why?

.myb files are part of Mylio’s implementation of iPhone/Android specific features live Live Photos or Portrait mode. Removing these files will likely disrupt Mylio’s ability to correctly display the photos with the desired effect and you’ll likely only get the original photo without the software enhancements that Apple added to the photo.

Yes, I think there are other cases where you can end up with duplicate files (and a .MYB) from your iPhone. Crop settings, “Live” photos, Portrait mode, and Lighting effects all come to mind (since those all “edit” or “interpret” the original in some way).

There’s a previous thread here about “single” .myb files that might help:
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