Event view - plans to bring back?

I have a lot of events made in Mylio. I know you had an event-view earlier. It would be cool if you could bring back an event view again. Do you have plans for that?


I just put events in their own folder. Not sure I understand. Do you want an events menu item?

In past versions of Mylio (2016 or so, as I recall) - “Events” was a top-level menu item like Calendar, People, Albums, Folders. It had a unique graphic design (lots of vertical “strips”) that was interesting. I personally didn’t use it that much, but it was nice to see & edit all of your Events in one place without having to drill down into the Calendar.


That would be good.
I’ve just spent a while making lots of events for there to be little use for them at the moment, as they are harder to navigate and search for.

I was also thinking about events as a top-level menu item like jimre is talking about.

Yep, recall that view as well, woudl also love to have it back :heart:

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Agreed. I made a similar request when discussing the calendar view in this topic: Rethink Calendar View, Return Events Section. Events feel like second-class citizens at this point.