Events visible in info panel, not calender

I see that some of my events are visible in the info panel but not in the calender. What can be the reason? What can I do?

Maybe you could try changing the settings shown under “Calendar View Customization” here: Customizing Calendar View - Mylio

Thanks, I tried, but didn`t help. These events are scoped by folders. Strange that they are visible in the info panel but not in the calender.

Can you send a screen shot maybe? I don’t think I’ve seen this before.

Compare the calender and the info tab with events. The last event on the list: 2017-08-25-Telttur-Sandevann should also be visible in the calender on the same date.

The event is scoped by a folder. I tried to delete the event and make a new one, but it didn`t show up in the calender. So what can be wrong?

Can I ask you a last question about categories? Is it right that plans of a category view has been discussed earlier to implement in Mylio?

Go to Settings → Calendar → Number of events bar to display. Increase the number there and see if it helps correctly display the last event on the calendar.

I don’t know of a plan to have a specific category view, but our new UX designer has been working on some UI improvements that will likely create the same result. Still in preliminary phase and likely to chance, so can’t offer much detail. Just know that we’re aware the current filtering system is limited so working on making it much more useful.

Thanks! I think I found out what was wrong: One photo in the event had a date almost 3 years later. After correcting this, it showed up in the calender:)

Sounds very good the work you are doing. Really look forward to the new stuff in Mylio this year:)

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