Exclude files / file types from Source folder

I’m using always the Source folder function, because all my photos are well prepared (jpg format, including GPS, Keywords, …). To know which steps are finished, I store a “checklist” (0000_status.txt) in each folder.
As Mylio links all files from Source folder to Mylio Database, these txt files are also shown in my photo stream.

Therefore my Feature Request is to have a list of file names that are excluded from Source folder linking.

I agree with the feature idea, although I would make it more general than just Source Folders. If you want to exclude .TXT files from Source Folders, chances are you also want to exclude them from direct Import(s) as well.

I suggest expanding on an existing feature (Settings -> General -> Import Microsoft Office Documents -> YES/NO) to allow inclusion/exclusion of arbitrary file types or extensions.

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