Export originals

Whenever I share I have to choose a format from JPG/PNG/and one other.

I’d like an option to easily just export the original format.

Additionally, at the moment if you export from a device with thumbnails it exports thumbnail sized instead of grabbing the originals from connected vaults/other devices.

At a minimum it should want you that it is doing this and ask if you want the thumbnails. Preferably it would go and get them.


Exporting is not possible for devices that only have a preview.

If a vault or device is available, it would not be a bad thing to be able to get thumbnail or the original for export.



Currently, when exporting a photo, Mylio will only export whatever version is synced to the computer itself, even if an external hard drive is available with the full size Original. The full size Original may be located on the attached external drive, but it is not synced to the computer itself. We have a feature request open to have Mylio “fetch” the full size Original for export, but it is currently not something that Mylio can do. What you need to do is sync the full size Original to your computer, then you can export at the full resolution.

The easiest way to sync some Originals to your computer so you can export at full resolution is to setup a custom sync policy. You can setup a custom sync policy to sync a full size Original if it meets certain metadata requirements, like a certain keyword or star rating or color label. Once you’ve setup your computer to sync the full size Originals of anything that meets your criteria (like keyword “export”), any media with that keyword will have the full size Original synced to your computer.

To setup the custom sync policy, open the Mylio Dashboard (https://mylio.com/support/dashboard/), then click on your computer in the “Devices” section. Then, open the “Sync Policy Settings” and then “Customize”. In the Originals “tab” in the customized settings, choose your criteria, like keyword or color label. More information about setting up custom sync policies can be found on our Support Site here:

Once the full size Original is on your computer, you can export at full resolution.


Yes, please give us an Export Original option.


Thanks - I think the steps in the custom sync policy and the fact you’d need to provide a metadata target for the exact images you want highlights the pressing need for this feature.


Maybe this is already possible, but I think a more ad-hoc way to download originals would be really helpful here.

I wondered in the past why I couldn’t just select “Download originals” and/or “Download previews” in the context menu of an image / a folder / a group of images, which would cause Mylio to retrieve the additional versions for the images in question and to keep them for the certain amount of time. In most cases I only need those images for one export or so.

I don’t really want to have to manually manage all these sync policies. Mylio could of course do this in the background through a custom time-limited sync policy for those items …

The upcoming categories could also help, if one can set up sync policies based on categories (e.g. “DownloadOriginalOnIpad”) - I found color tags fairly useless for this as they are mutually exclusive. Or even better, using smart folders: This would allow me to download all images from the last month as original onto my iPad, but drop down to preview-quality once they are older than a month …


Hi Matthew,
the way you desribe is not for the real life…
I think it should one of the core features from mylio to automaticly download originals from an accessable Mylio-device (not only vaults) - including Amazon Photos and other Mylio supported cloud services…
It should be possible, that the user see the max image quality and can select which one he want.

Greetings Uwe


We don’t a download-originals-and-export feature yet, but in the 3.8 release we added an explicit button for “Download Originals” and “Download Previews” that shows up on either a picture or folder. So you can download an individual Original and then export from there.

To use, right-click on a photo/photos or click on the … button and you should see a “Download” button.

There needs to be a device online that contains the Originals, otherwise the button does not show up.

This won’t set permanent policy - if you turn Mylio off, it will abort the set of downloads queued this way. And if you clear the cache, it will also remove those files again. These are more for temporary use - e.g. when you’re about to do an Export.

Thanks for the request goes out to:
@brettmichael @Mac @hmniq @Wouter @Damntec @MoPhoto @Joseph_Johnson @LucLL @pescatore @MattCat


Thank you!

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Thanks @Mylio_Deonand the Mylio Team, this certainly already helps! Appreciated!


@Mylio_Deon Great! It is all I need actually. I do not mind doing one click in advance and wait for photos to sync. Thank you for this and keep on bringing us great stuff.


This is an decent workaround. It would be great if the extra step wasn’t required before issuing a share or export command, but this option is much better than permanently changing the sync setting on a per image basis. Thanks!


At the risk of stating the obvious, one side effect (intended?) of this functionality is the ability to download and edit an original.

This morning I was on my laptop and wanted to edit a duplicated version of a file that was only saved as a preview. I asked Mylio to download the original, waited briefly for that task to complete, opened the photo in Pixelmator Pro and made my edits. Upon saving, the edited original was updated in my vaults, just as I would expect with any other original.

I was so wrapped up in the exporting aspect of this functionality I missed a very valuable practical use. That was my “Duh!” moment for the day…


I have a question about the „download originals“ feature:
I am sitting on the couch with my iPad and wanted to try this nice new feature and edit a few images in Pixelmator photo. So, downloaded the original (rw2) -> export -> pixelmator photo … and… it’s a TIFF?
Thought maybe it has something to do with pixelmator and tried exporting to another app (nextcloud just for the purpose of testing) and again it was a TIFF.

Am I missing something? Or doing something wrong?
Is Mylio converting the rw2 to tiff while „downloading original“?

Thanks for your help

Any comment from Mylio staff?
Thanks in advance for your feedback

There a limitation of some sort - it says “Mylio does not support exporting the unaltered RAW images on iOS at this time” on this page.

Oh ok, thanks. My fault. I guess I got somehow confused with “download originals” that it would also “open originals”. Else I don’t see the point in my personal workflow… maybe I have to adjust my workflow then :slight_smile:

Ok… 6 months later. Still no bulk export??? Here is what I need to do:

Select a year and bulk export all photos from that year in their original format and maintain their original metadata; i.e. date the photo was taken, any location data if available, etc.

Is there not an option to perform a “bulk export of original photos”?

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@SteeleTeamSix I would thinks its the simple steps of:

  • Select all photos of that year
  • Download Originals (unless you are on a device that has the originals)
  • Click the export button, specify the original format etc
  • Specify where to export the files

@LucLL Thank you. I feel really dumb at this point. How does one “select all photos of that year”? The search tool doesn’t appear to provide any date range capability nor does the filters. If I go to calendar view, you can not select the whole year.

What am I missing?