Export photo(s) to filesystem on Android

I was surprised to learn recently that there is currently no way to save directly from the Mylio app to an Android phone’s filesystem. This makes it hard to do simple things like use a photo in Mylio for your phone’s wallpaper.

It is likely possible to install a third party file management app on the phone which would then show up as one of the “Share” destination options, but that’s clunky. Is there a way to do this natively on Android from within the Mylio app?


I would also like to see this natively without the need of 3rd party software… Photos are already stored locally, so it shouldn’t be that hard to simply be able to export a photo to the local filesystem, even if it needs to be to the Download folder.

I also found out ways with 3rd party software to do this, but it’s so clunky that I simply decided to take screenshots of the memories I want to share, however, a lot of the photo quality is lost then you take a screenshot of it.

This new feature would be GREATLY appreciated.

Came here looking for this exactly. Glad to know that I’m not the only one, I thought I was missing something. Any updates on this?