Exporting/Sharing as Raw on iOS and iPadOS

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I’ve seen a couple of posts similar to this but I’m looking for a bit more info.

I think Mylio is fantastic, it works great and gives me the sort of granular tagging and organising I want. The one really annoying problem for me is that you can’t export/share the original RAW file on iOS or iPadOS. I’ve seen a post that explains this is a limitation on Apple’s part. But I also have a monument photo backup device (basically a NAS just for photos). Their software is rubbish to be honest and pretty dead in the water. But, it does let me export the original RAW file to my iPad/iPhone - over my local network or remotely. I’d love to see the ability to do this with Mylio, then I could finally use one solution that does it all.

Does anybody know if this feature will ever come to iOS or iPadOS? Or perhaps a reason that it can’t be implemented?

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More details about what you’re actually trying to accomplish? When you say “export/share” the original RAW file" - what scenario do you have in mind?

Hello @ArtyDodger

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you want to do, having and working with your original RAW files on your mobile devices is already something that Mylio supports and let’s you do. You can sync Originals either at a device level, at a folder level or even on a case-by-case basis with one or a group or selected photos at a time.

This article should help, but let me know if you need more info: https://support.mylio.com/selective-sync/


Hi JC,

Many thanks for your reply, this may also apply to jimre’s reply (many thanks also).
I see that I can sync the RAW to the mobile version, but I would then like to edit this in another app. For example, Raw Power or Affinity Photo on my iPad. I hope I’ve just missed something and this is possible, as then Mylio will be perfect for my needs. Then I can finally switch off my Monument device for good.


Mylio can definitely sync raw originals to your iPhone/iPad, if you customize the Device Sync Policy settings. But I’m not sure how you can “export” or share the raw original file to another app in iOS. On my iPhone, that action always seems to convert it to a JPEG.

Hey there @ArtyDodger - you can’t currently export the original RAW on iOS (or Android) but this is something we’re actively working on and hope to address very very soon!

@Mylio_Matt - thank you, thats great! I look forward to it being implemented! Do you have any timeframe for this or if it’s already in motion do you need any more beta testers?


Oh man, putting me on the spot?! :smile:

The feature is currently in testing, so things can always change if we find something that doesn’t work as expected. But we hope this will be available in mid-September. Don’t hold me to that, though!

We don’t currently have a beta program (though it is something we’ve kicked around and tried once before). If we move back to that model our friends on the Mylio community will certainly be the first to know.

Thanks a ton!

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Hi - export as RAW on iOS mostly works well - not sure if it’s a bug - but it seems to not work when a JPEG is present (either a RAW+JPG or _display.jpg) - when the JPEG seems to be sent rather than the RAW.

Thanks for the great product!

Hi @timbojoeNBD - This is something we plan on addressing soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi - any update on this (ie. Mylio on iOS/iPadOS exporting the JPG when a RAW is available)?

It would help me a ton where Mylio is showing pink images for some of my RAW files randomly - I haven’t been able to isolate that issue, but if I could create a _display.jpg file that would make cataloguing/culling go more easily, but I would want to be able access the RAW file on my iPad too…

Thank you!