External Hard drive / vault

My understanding is that I need an external HD / vault.

  1. Can someone please advise me about what kind and size I need. I own one but it is 20 years old so assume it is way to small.
  2. How will it communicate with Mylio? The only way that I have ever used one is by hard connecting it to my computer, but that would mean that it has to be permanently attached to my laptop (my only computer) as I am always on the move. I heard something about networking it but at the same time heard that it is not via the internet. So, how will it communicate with Mylio?

You’ll need something to store your original photos, if you want them to be backed up & protected. An external USB hard drive is usually the simplest & cheapest. How big is entirely up to you - how many photos do you have? What size are they? You’ll need to do some math.

An external USB drive just plugs into a USB port on your computer. No networking involved.