Face Detect feature improvements

Face detect feature is excellent and tagging face with Numbers is ingenious idea.
But, there is way for improvement.

  • Some times i get suggested same person twice in one picture. Yep, there are corner case when this occur, but mostly it is two relatives in same pic.
  • Also, suggesting kids face is not related to picture capture time. For example - it mixes siblings with 6 years apart, looking at pictures with 6 years difference.
  • Detection does not work in video (first frame or preview thumbnail recognition would be nice)
    Small tweaks for improvement.

P.S. i am happy with product and just wana make it better :wink:

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my 2c after facetagging a couple of thousand pics:

  • quite good algorithm working on dark and light faces
  • sometimes other body parts or background get recognized as a face
  • an option to delect a folder for face scanning would be great.
  • sometimes I get presented two faces and it is unclear which one I must confirm. I cannot even go to that picture in the folder and assign there as no face outline appears
  • but worst is when I assign/confirm dozens of pictures at once and then get 5-20 times just 1-3 pics shown with “unknown” faces and I have to click 5-20 in the name field and select the same name all over. 95% good suggestions though. I cannot even select all the upcoming requests on the right side of the screen to confirm them all at once. cumbersome.

But keep on improving. Awesome product for just 1 year after release!