Face tagging anomalies?

I’m finding some anomalies with the way face-tagging works on different platforms.

On my MacBook running Catalina

  • if the face is identified, there is a numbered list of most likely people to choose from
  • if I have to manually add the face and start typing the name, a list of matches comes up with shortcut numbers to choose from.

However, on my new M1 Mac mini running Big Sur, only the first of the above works. When I manually add the face and start typing the name, the list of matches comes up but no shortcut numbers. Annoying as I have to reach for the mouse each time.

And on our 2020 iPad Pro the list of names appears in both of the above scenarios, but not the shortcut numbers.

Is there a problem implementing these numbers on Big Sur and on the iPad Pro (current iOS)? Or a small bug somewhere.

Please double check your settings.

In Settings > Advanced you should see an option about 6 items down “When typing names enable 1-5 shortcuts”

Highlighted in yellow:

This setting changes the way Mylio reacts to number keys when typing names in. If you want to type “Bob2” and tag the second Bob in the list, then you want this setting On. If you want to type “Bob2” and name the person Bob2 then you want the setting Off.

The number shortcuts always work if you haven’t started typing a name yet.
Let me know if that’s not the behavior you see.

My apologies for the confusion. When I was first trialing mylio I must have found this setting and turned it on on my laptop, which is the computer I use most often. It’s a very helpful feature and I’ve missed it on the other machines but had overlooked the setting.

Perhaps if the two computers were on the same operating system I’d had dug more deeply but jumped to a wrong conclusion.

Thanks so much for clarifying.

Glad to help. Mylio’s UI has a lot of quirks hidden in the settings.

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