Face Tagging crashes entire system MAC 11.2.3

Running Big Sur 11.2.3. New to Mylio. Loaded up about 30k in images and started to play with face tagging. After about 2 minutes of tagging, first Lightroom quit, then after 2 or 3 more tags, the entire system went down. Crash dump seems to indicate Mylio. After restart, brought Mylio back up (with nothing else running) and again after a few minutes of tagging, the entire system crashed. Anybody else having this problem. I’m afraid to to launch it again until I can get some ideas what’s going on.

My Mac mini runs Big Sur 11.2.2 and I have had no problems running Mylio up to now.
So I wait a bit with the installation of 11.2.3.
Please keep this post updated until it is clear, where your problem comes from.
Thank you.

update: Mylio likely not the problem… had to replace the motherboard. I’ll test again when everything is restored. Victim of circumstance…