Family Photo Project Workflow Question

New to Mylio with many questions. I’m trying to create a workflow that lets me scan and name images, but lets other family add metadata along with me, if possible.

Can I install Mylio on another desktop/laptop and with an external hard drive with one of my vaults on it for someone else to work on? I 'd like to continue to add images/metadata on my own external hard drive/vault while Mom is doing the same with her drive; and then plug both drives into my laptop to sync between the two vaults. Will this work?

If Mom adds keywords or a caption to an image, and I do the same to the same image, will Mylio merge the information? Will it catch the discrepancy when I go to sink the two vaults and display the differences and let me choose?

I would prefer not to use Amazon or Google cloud for this if possible, since I’ve enabled face recognition in Mylio. (Sorry, I’m paranoid. Do not trust either of those companies with my photos, much less such personal information.) But if I did create a vault in the cloud, would the changes happen in real time (e.g. they add a caption to an image, and I’d see it as soon as they “save” it)?

Thank you in advance for your help!

I’m guessing your computer and Mom’s are not on the same local network? That of course would be simplest & fastest way to keep in sync.

Assuming that you’re in different locations - and that you both have reasonable internet connections - Mylio can sync between computers directly over the internet. Both computers need to be signed into the same Mylio account.

Further assuming Mom is only editing metadata - not adding or editing original images - then you could just sync Previews to her computer, not originals. That’s all you’d need for her to view the images & update metadata.

Syncing computer-to-computer directly over the internet would be preferable to going thru a cloud service, or physically transporting external disks back & forth.

As for Mylio’s “sync conflict resolution” I don’t actually know if it has any. I’d guess the last version synced would always win, but could be wrong.

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Correct, again.

Really? How does that work? Here is where my tech background is weak. My images and data are all stored locally. And I’m not “logged in” when I’m using the app on my laptop, am I? But you are saying that if are both logged into my Mylio account (at, she has access to the vault on my laptop. I assume I have to have the app open on my laptop. Do I need to be actively using the app at the same time? Sorry for all the questions! But it sounds like a sweet solution.

Thank you!!

Mylio has to be running on both machines - at least in the background - to sync directly over the internet. Not sure about Mac, but on Windows you can set Mylio to keep running in the background after you close it. And yes, you’re always logged into a specific Mylio account when you’re using the app.

If there’s no way to ensure both machines running at the same time - then you might consider Google or Amazon cloud sync as the intermediary between them. But that would be slower, with more steps, more delay, potential privacy issues, storage costs, etc.

See this previous thread about a similar topic:

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Mylio can run in the background on both MAC and Windows. Make sure “Settings/General/Exit App on Close” is disabled and “Settings/General/Launch Mylio at Login” is enabled.

The rest is as per what @jimre mentioned.

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Yay! Thank you!

Just wanted to let you/others know that this set up is working well.
In addition, I put my off-site backup drive at my Mom’s. When I visit, I can plug that vault into her computer and sync to my vault at home. Couldn’t be easier! About to add my brother into the mix as well, with preview access, so he can help with names and dates.

Thanks again for your help.