Feature Request: Apple Live Photo Support

I use Live Photo’s on my iPhone a lot, but Mylio doesn’t support syncing the video part of the Live Photo video/photo pair. Currently Mylio supports jpg/raw pairs, so a feature that syncs the video part too like Mylio does with raw files would be ideal. That way I don’t have to keep a backup of Live Photo’s anymore.

I’m guessing since Mylio has already synced a lot of Live Photo’s from apple devices, there would need to be some sort of backfill support too.


This is in the works right now.


Hello @Mylio_Deon,

Is there also a possibility to assign the videos to the picture?

I have exported some pictures from the past via Image Capture, there is also the Live Photo’s as a Video, now would it be relevant for me to know whether I can link them later?

Theoretically, if you follow the same file layout it should just work. You may have to put your .MOV files (and any other assets you pulled from the photo) into a .ZIP file that has the same name as the .HEIC/.JPG files.

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I’m saving all my photos and livephotos from iOS via Photosync to my NAS. That then feeds into Mylio. I don’t use Mylio’s iOS import features as I have years worth of photos already on my NAS and thus in Mylio and don’t want to mess around with having Mylio reimport stuff and dealing with possible dupes.

Since photos, videos and livephotos in a single folder clutter things up quite a bit when directly browsing a folder, I have a script on the NAS that moves livephotos into a subfolder called livephotos.

I’m glad to hear that you’re working on livephotos’ support in Mylio and I hope you could look into the feasiblity of an advanced setting to have livephotos reside in a (perhaps even configurable) subfolder to support my set up.

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I’m just starting the process of moving my photos/vids across to Mylio (approx 33k worth) and I’m concerned about losing my live photos so I have 2 questions I suppose.

  1. Is there an update on this and a (non contractual) eta? :slight_smile:
  2. Is there a way to import my current live photos, use the existing behaviour but have the originals somewhere so I can “fix” them when Mylio supports them?

Thank you

Sorry, should have replied to this thread when we released 3.8. In 3.8 we now DO sync Live Photos from a Camera Roll. We don’t have a way in Mylio to display them yet, but the extra iOS files like Live Photos and Edits are synced to all devices that want originals as a .myb file next to the photo.

The .myb file is simply a .zip file - you can view the live photos in there using your favorite .zip viewer to make sure everything is preserved as you would expect.

Ah superb! Thank you

Just so I can check my workflow as you are specific in your terminology and I don’t want to mess up! I am using Apple photos on my Mac, exporting unmodified originals and then importing into Mylio. Will this process retain the live photo element? Or do I specifically need to do from my iPhone?



It should work. Apple Photos import functions nearly identical on iOS and MacOS.

Do a test import, and look at the resulting .myb file to make sure it’s what you expect though.

I currently use another means of transferring and storing Livephotos in Mylio. I’m wondering if the myb files are user creatable so that at a later point I might switch over to the new format in mylio once it has some actual functionality to use/view Livephotos?
Basically how does the file structure within the zip look like? Any special xmp / guid stuff going on that I wouldn’t be able to create work a script without a lot of hassle?

I’m aware that you do this so I’m keeping it in mind. Currently if you create the .myb file by hand it will not have the metadata inside Mylio to know what those files are, so Mylio won’t be able to view or play them. Once we add the view/play support, I’ll figure out a way to import user-created .myb files as well.

That’s great news that 3.8 is now importing all of the live photo data. Does that include backfill support too? I’ve been holding on to apple photo libraries on my desktop for this explicit purpose, along with photos living on my phone.

Do we just have to ‘re-import’ the other apple photo libraries and mylio should fill in the missing parts or will we get a bunch of duplicates?

Awesome Deon, thanks so much!
With the bundle system you’ve implemented, I guess there’s not an option you’ll be adding support for having livephotos bundled as regular items in the database? I’m currently using a livephotos folder in the root that contains a folder for each month including the livephotos with identical filenames (save the file extension). Here’s a specific example:
photo is in:

and the livephoto is found in:

The photo location is not fixed and I plan to actually move out photos for an event into some other folder structure in the future while keeping the livephotos in the current place as to easily be able to filter for livephotos / non livephotos using categories. As it is now, I have applied the livephotos category to the “livephotos” root folder and the “no livephotos” category to “unsorted-date” root folder giving me a great way to filter out livephotos with the nice categories filter.

Of course, this is mostly a workaround right now to have an option to remove the livephotos clutter and associating livephotos with their actual photos would be awesome.

The problem with that is that some of the filenames in the iOS Camera Roll is not unique across multiple pictures. It’s not just a matter of different extensions, especially with edits. So we would have to effectively put every picture into its own folder in order to avoid the filename collision, which wouldn’t be great either.

While I see how that’s true for most users, I have my files automatically renamed using date, time, a short code for the device and original filename (see the example I provided). So there should be little to no chance of a filename collision.

That said, I understand that you can’t just add a setting like this for one user, but maybe someone else also shows interest in this. I’d even be happy if there’d be no actual exposed setting, but some console command to configure this.

Will the live photos, photos pair work on windows?
I have iphone and windows, no mac.

Yes, iPhone + Windows without MAC is very common. I’ll be the first person to complain if it doesn’t work :).

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I can see that since the update, all new live photos are being synced as myb files. But what about all of the old live photos that were synced previously as just HEIC files? How do I get those to be saved as the live photos they originally are?

Do you still have those Photos in the Camera roll? Mylio should bring the additional LivePhoto files over as .myb files from there.

Does mylio detect if the manually imported HEIC & mp4 live photo pairs are duplicates of what mylio is importing with this new support for them and then replaces them / merges them together?