Feature request: Background synchronization on Android app

Synchronization is really quick now, but it would be nice to have changes made on the desktop synchronized to the phone without having to take care of activating the app/phone during the changes.
I usually do work with the photos on my desktop (face tagging, editing in external raw developer) and shut it down after the work is done. Having to have my phone beside me and forcing to wake it up to update regularly I don’t like.

Or is the synchronization working also via a Google Drive backup of preview level, without having my desktop online?


It would be nice to have a sort of “Force sync” on mobile apps. At least one option so that this could be carried out without having the app in focus.

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Absolutely agree - this is my highest request feature! We originally had all photos from phones upload to OneDrive and now the family needs to actually open Mylio and sync in order to protect photos. It may be months before this happens. Keen for Mylio to replace all the other automatic upload locations (OneDrive, Picasa, Samsung, etc).


Background sync for Android is a key feature. Do Mylio think this will be possible? When might it become available?

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Hi. Any more news about this feature request please?

Any update on this issue? This feature is really much needed. When travelling, I’d really like to do everything with the tablet. However, uploading several hundred images can take hours, and having mylio running in the foreground for that long is a pain. Why can’t it sync in the background over night?