Feature Request: folder sidebar

Aperture convert here. I loved having an overview of my project/folder structure in the left sidebar in Aperture. Adding this feature to Mylio would make folder view much more useful to me.


I don’t know of it was the intention of this request, but a tree view of some aspects would be helpful sometimes.
Like for Folders, Albums, Keywords.


But not down the side, up the top, like a webpage navigator. Or similar to explorer. That way you can turn the view on/off (most important because sometimes want to remove all clutter and just see photos), and use it to click on higher level folders to jump back to that level.

2020 photos>Family>Celebration day>Part 1


The sidebar would be more useful to me personally, since I want to have an overview of my entire photo library, but the top nav bar could be a useful addition too.

I’d imagine both could be hidden if the user wanted maximum screen area for photos.

I would prefer a sidebar file structure as an option - I find the “panel” of images of folders, images, or albums very confusing when trying to do any major reorganization. But, then I came to Mylio from Aperature.



I was going to add a feature request for Breadcrumbs at the top, but this would also work.


I’d vote for the left sidebar rather than the top.

One of the few things I miss about Apple photos is the sidebar. Especially the ability to quickly add photos to albums by finding and dragging rather than add to…

One of my frequently used albums is ‘compare’. Want to compare two similar photos stored in very different parts of the file structure. Just drag than to the compare album and click on the album to see and action. In mylio this is a much slower process.

I see benefits to both asks here. (breadcrumbs of folder directory at top or bottom of the screen, and a sidebar which could hold more things).

My suggestion would be to have an option for each so that users can enable which ever they find useful to their setup. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I really want this, too…both options would be terrific. I use the hierarchical photos a lot in Apple Photos and it’s very helpful. You could make a preference to hide/show each.