Feature Request: geotag based on GPX and photo timestamp

Longtime Aperture user here. Recently converted to Mylio and loving the speed so far. One feature I really miss is the ability to geotag photos based on a GPX track from within the app. This involves importing the GPX track, then assigning coordinates to photos based on their timestamps.

After trying many 3rd party utilities, Geotagster comes closest to doing what Aperture can, but it’s not very convenient since Mylio needs to re-ingest the XMP.


+1 for this one, with the ability to set timezone/time difference (of camera time is not set to local time of photo taken.
Maybe include the functions of a gpx Recorder app into the Mylio app.

Another interesting sub-feature would being able to sync with location life logging apps like Arc or similar. That way you don’t have to manage GPX files explicitly.

I like this idea. I use Arc too, and would love direct integration. That said, if there’s a way to point to a directory of GPX files, that would get 80% of the way there.

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Did you try geosetter? https://geosetter.de/en/main-en/

It has features to sync photos to gpx, read write (mylio’s) sidecar files and edit timezones etc

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My brother-in-law likes to record routes, and I had included this in my Mylio list as a request.

I’m just wondering if that doesn’t look too far out of the window:
Mylio would have to record GPS all the time in the background…

But I think a possibility to import the route later via .gpx and (possibly) other relevant file types is a good improvement.

+1 on that. And thanks @Wouter for the hint to geosetter.

Some good suggestions here. I just wanted to clarify my original request for folks. I’m aware that there are third-party apps that can geotag photos for you, and that this can then be imported into Mylio. I also use Arc.app to create the GPX tracks that are used to do the geotagging.

My dream feature is for Mylio to allow for GPX track importing so that the geotagging can be done natively in the app. =)

I can support this request.

I have received the GPS coordinates from our last journey month later but
I had imported all the photos to Mylio.

Now it is difficult to put the GPS coordinates to more than 4.000 pictures.

So geotagging with GPX file in the app would be great.


Dear, I would also second this. Apart from the possibility to add a GPX file with import - how do you deal with photos that you want to geotag inside Mylio?
Thank you for your feedback.

Right now, my workflow is to use an app called “GeoTag” (search in the Mac App Store):

  1. Import images into Mylio
  2. Open the enclosing folder for the imported images
  3. Drag imported images into GeoTag
  4. Drag GPX into GeoTag
  5. Apply GPX track to images, then save out to XMP sidecar
  6. Go back to Mylio and make sure it picked up the changes

Not the best experience, and certainly not as nice as it was in Aperture. I, like you, am really hoping for an integrated solution for steps 2-5 above.

Thank you for sharing this. I thought that this wasn’t possible as I read that Mylio will not pick up changes in the XMP-files. But this seemingly depends on what is done with the XMP files (which tags are written).

Mylio certainly does pick up on XMP changes - I have scripts that set keywords, for example, and these are shown in the Mylio UI.

Great to hear, I just received the information that Mylio would not pickup XMP-changes. But that information only seems to be accurate to RAW development, which seems always to be software specific.
GPS and keywords rather seem to be standard, so this would be a great option for me.

Thank you for your feedback! :+1:

If you’re using JPEG, HEIC, or other non-RAW formats - then there is more discrepency between different apps. Some - like Mylio - use XMP sidecar files for all formats. Some - like Lightroom - use XMP sidecars for RAW (and confusingly, for HEIC) but embed metadata directly inside JPEG, TIFF, DNG formats instead.

Also for some apps, like Lightroom, you may have to explicitly SAVE the metadata to the file before it’s written to either location. Otherwise the metadata is just stored in that app’s database.

But yes, Mylio does pickup XMP sidecar file changes immediately. But if embedded metadata is changed (JPEG), you’ll likely have to issue an Organize -> Scan for Changes command in Mylio first before it picks it up.

@jimre wrote:

But yes, Mylio does pickup XMP sidecar file changes immediately. But if embedded metadata is changed (JPEG), you’ll likely have to issue an Organize -> Scan for Changes command in Mylio first before it picks it up.

However, Mylio is unable to import video metadata that is externally changed, either in the sidecar or in the media file, and it ignores sidecars it did not generate. Coupled with problems getting the correct capture time in some situations, this has been a frustrating issue for a long time.

As said - good enoigh for me. Thank you for pointing this out and for summarizing it in this paragraph.