Feature Request: Hidden Photos

It would be nice to have photos that are hidden, so they wouldn’t show up in searches, photos views, guest mode, etc unless you go into settings to show them again. Would be useful for the odd personal photo and to avoid embarrassing situations. Currently I have to export them and delete them from mylio, which isn’t ideal.

I don’t know if this has been asked before, a quick search didn’t bring up anything.


Yes, making folders or pictures private is a MUST. also to avoid syncing extremely large Archives to ALL devices.


Yes, it’s a must.
Also to hide technical photos like non-inverted digitized negatives.



Hide from WHOM is a relevant question. From yourself? From others you’re trying to share photos with?

I think both.
A filter for non-inverted negatives etc. from myself and a filter for private photos in Guest Mode.

The latter has higher priority and could be implemented fairly easily by a Guest Mode password-protected default filter that is defined in the Account settings and is activated for all displayed photos as soon as the Guest Mode is activated, e. g.,
-keyword: private

I agree that Mylio should evolve it’s “Guest Mode” into something designed specifically to allow someone to quickly view/search/browse a “published” subset of my photos. Right now, “Guest Mode” is only designed to prevent other people from destroying my photos.

At a minimum:

  1. no syncing of all (or any?) thumbnails required
  2. no requirement to share MY email/password login for Mylio.

I’d love to see “Guest Mode” become more of a “Lightweight Photo Viewer” mode.

I have recently joined Mylio, and have the same request. In my case, I sometimes take multiple photos of the same people or thing in order to get the best shot; I would then like to hide the poorer photos, maybe from selected view modes or slideshows, but not to delete them entirely so that I can go back to them if needed.

I realise Mylio has the ability to hide whole folders from Calendar/Events view, but that option is too top level for me.