Feature Request: Hierarchical Keywords

This might be a big ask, but I find this a really useful tool. For example if your keyword hierarchy had a branch that went Animals->birds->falcons then when you tag a falcon, that image would also get the bird and animal keywords. Helps for families, geography, whatever.


Fully agree. That’s one of the few things I miss in Mylio.


I can guess this would lead to a major revision of the keywords handling: this request would hint towards some sort of tree view of pre-defined keywords, whereas at the moment, it’s pretty much free-text based. Associated to this would also be adapted search/filtering capabilities, in order to retrieve related keywords results, when belonging to the same parent etc …

I think it would be ideal if they replaced the proprietary Albums with Hierarchal Keywords in the file. As nice as Mylio is, it isn’t the only software I need to use and it would be great for compatibility.

This would be a really nice feature.
The tree view would also be needed.
Storing albums also as keywords would also be nice and improve working together with other applications.


I agree, this would be a very useful feature

Is there another application that does this particularly well that you can recommend we look at for an example?

@Mylio_Deon I got accustomed to hierarchical keywords using Photo Supreme from Idimager. I really can’t recommend the UI of Photo Supreme but the keyword tree worked well.

The hierarchical keywords in Photoshop Elements worked quite well.
You were able to create keywords in a tree structure and afterwards filter on any hierarchy level of that keyword tree structure.
It was also easily possible to filter pictures by selecting more than one keyword as an AND combination with just 2 mouseclicks.

Again, this is just one thing I miss from PSE. Everything else is just so much better now with Mylio :slight_smile:


For me Windows Photo Gallery set the benchmark for this. Excellent treeview and can be accessed by other software via metadata.

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You should take a look at Imatch. See: photools.com. This software is really powerful and has hierarchical keywords. A lot to learn from this software!

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I also like how they can attach a geo location to a label, so when you assign the label “Golden Gate”, the image is automatically geo tagged.

Also the ability to make relationships between labels, useful to represent family releationships. Also below images, you can see labels as clickable links that takes you to images containing that label.

I think Lightroom and On1 do a decent job. In particular, I like how the keyword field is above a collapsible section that displays all keywords and their hierarchy.


Photo Mechanics seems to be very popular among photo journalist who need to do a lot of tagging.

XnViewMP also has this capability. The way they store the hierarchical tags is also worth looking at.

Yes Please I ported my images over from Windows Live Photo Gallery… They do hierarchical tags by the syntax they us is a “/” Separator in the keyword to build the tree…
Ie. which is nice because Google and Bings search engines pars it well. ie try it by copying the Keywords below into a search engine…

North America/Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh/15202/Emsworth/Cliffside Manor Blv/400
Animal/Cat/Siamese/Seal Point

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Adobe Bridge has decent options for keyword hierarchy

Aperture had hierarchial keywords also

I really miss support for hierarchical keywords in Mylio. I contacted the Mylio team but got no clear answer if they ever will support it. I can use other applications for this and write those keywords to file, but Mylio will only show them in a flat structure.

I think the keyword panel should be more developed to make it faster to assign keywords.

How do you keyword your images? Do you use other applications or just Mylio? Of course I can use categories to cluster photos into big groups, but still I want hierarchical keywords.

I still do keywording in Lightroom Classic. I do use hierarchical keywords (eg, I enter “Space Needle” - and LR automatically adds parent keywords “Seattle” and “Washington”). Further, LR Classic has very mature, well-thought out tools to increase keyword speed & accuracy:

  • type-ahead-lookup dropdown list
  • keyword sets with numeric keypad entry
  • auto-correct of capitalizations
  • keyboard shortcut to jump directly into Keyword Panel
  • keyboard shortcut for Next/Prev photo (without leaving Keyword Panel)
  • ability to quickly “Spray Paint” keywords onto photos in grid view
  • Keyword List organizer tool

Mylio just has a generic text box to enter keywords.