Feature Request: Improved Search Functionality

Mylio’s current search abilities currently do not allow to easily do more complex searches, such as “all photos taken last summer in Europe containing exactly/only person X and person Y”.

It would be great if Mylio could provide a search functionality allowing to build such complex searches (with boolean operators and/not/or, and grouping of conditions), ideally graphically.


While I can’t comment on specific timelines, I know improving the Mylio Search Bar has been a topic of focus for the team recently. Hopefully we have more to share on this down the road :slight_smile:

For now, the listed search modifiers on the above-linked page are the only supported ones.


+1 For boolean search capability. :slight_smile: I’m often putting together a calendar or photo book of people and it would be fantastic to be able to get all images in which two or more people are in the same image.


One way that you can find photos that contain 2 people (equivalent to an “AND”) is by using the Filter function. In Mylio, Filtering allows you to only show photos that meet the criteria within the “view” that you are looking at. A search will look across the entire Library.

If you open [People View] (https://mylio.com/support/people-view/) and then “click into” the container for a person, then open the Filter and filter for the second person, Mylio will show you photos that contain both people. Some more information about the Filter can be found on our Support Site here:


HAHA! That works a treat, hadn’t thought of doing it that way. Great Tip - should be in the tips part of the forum. :slight_smile: Thanks very much.

Now… How do I do it for three people?.. :upside_down_face:

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I would also welcome boolean search abilities.

Until then a workaround is to filter, add to an album (temporary), then filter the album. You can repeat this several times in a row and have an album at the end containing the photos needed.

We shouldn’t have to do these workarounds. Doing searches with Boolean expressions has been a solved problem for decades. They just need to implement it.

This would be a really high priority item for me. I feel like tagging photos is a waste of time without this feature.


Haha yeah, I second Michael there. This was the first request I saw on the forum, and it’s so inline with what we’re planning, I went back to Michael and asked him if this was posted by somebody internal to the company that had access to our plans and specifications…

I can’t give a timeline estimate for this, but I already added the Lucene search parser up and just need to do a few hookups for it to work.

In the mean if you like, you can Google for “lucene query syntax” and see if this gives you the boolean functionality you like, and if not, please leave some feedback before we go too far down that road!


I like the idea of having lucene queries :grin:


I can’t wait. If you are looking for beta testers …

Yes please. First search I wanted was all files not tagged with x. The not or exclusion is a great option and very surprising it’s not in your app.

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I could not agree more! I have been a Mylio “poweruser” for several years now, and I can’t count how many times I have provided this feedback. Robust search supporting Boolean and an easier interface to assign and select keyword (like an easy-to-access check list) should be built in the program by now, pure and simple.

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Would love to see this feature!

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Looks like lucene query syntax would meet my needs quite handily. Can’t wait!

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What’s the status of implementing boolean operators in search?

Furthermore, the current system surely has bugs…

I’ve played around with the modifiers discussed at https://support.mylio.com/search-bar/. They seem inconsistent.

The search “people:byron make:fuji” appears to be an AND query – it only shows photos where I’m tagged as one of the people AND it was taken with a Fuji camera.

However, the search “people:byron people:andy” appears to be an OR query. Some of the pictures are only of me, some only of Andy, and some have both. This seems inconsistent with the observations for “people: byron make: fuji”.

The support page for the search-bar suggests that “rating: 1,2,3” will show all photos with ratings of 1, 2, OR 3 stars. So the following three queries should be equivalent and return the same number of photos. They don’t:
“people: byron people: andy” 1,997 photos
“people:byron, andy” 2,061 photos
“people:andy, byron” 1,053 photos

Finding photos is one of the main reasons I use a DAM tool and the only reason to invest time in tagging photos with keywords or labelling the people. If search isn’t correct and flexible (ie: supporting AND, OR, NOT and grouping via parentheses), much of the reason for Mylio is undermined.

Please, please, please boost this to the top of your priority list.


No question we’d all like to see their new search engine asap.

As for your examples - I’ve found the current AND/OR behavior is sensitive to spaces. For example on my machine:

returns 53 photos that have BOTH “seattle” AND “moon” keywords.

keyword:seattle, moon
returns 3925 photos, which apparently EITHER have Keyword=“seattle” OR the word “moon” in any field? I think…

Thanks for the pointer, @jimre. Looks like parsing the query string could use some tweaking. In other places space is treated as OR. Following a comma, I would have expected it to be just swallowed as filler space.

These problems would go away if queries could just be expressed using standard boolean operators. I say “OR” when I mean “OR” and I say “AND” when I mean “AND”.

Hi guys!

Just an update. We are getting ready to launch the new Search Engine soon, and I’m trying to find as many queries on the forum to validate the new engine. AND, OR and NOT works and allow for grouping.

We also have a context-sensitive search to automatically allow you to do queries like this:

Alec AND Hilaria IN Spain

Which if you have both the people and the location tag will under the covers turn into:

person:Alec AND person:Hilaria AND place:Spain

(IN is an AND but makes the right-hand-side context sensitive to map, folder & album).

It there are specific scenarios or queries anybody has in mind that you would like me to test to make sure works out of the gate in the upcoming release, please let me know on this thread or PM. Thanks!


The most important thing for me would be to support something like this:

(Alec AND NOT Hilaria) IN Spain

Or, like this:

(Green OR Yellow Labels AND Rating >2) NOT IN Spain


I’m hoping to see some simple date / range options in the new query parser - examples (not sure of actual syntax):

Bob and (year:2003)
Alice and (year <= 1999)
Bob and Alice and (date BETWEEN 1990-2000)

The idea is to show these results without first having to drill down into Calendar View to scope the date(s).