Feature request: Indication in Info bar if media is assigned to Album and/or Event

Woudl be nice to see on the Info bar if the selected/shown media has been assigned to an Event and or an Album.

When going over the media in other views it woudl then be easier to know if it has been assigned or which ones are not yet assigned.


It would also be neat if i could filter on ‘photos not in any album’.


Oh, yes. These features would also be nice.

I already wanted to write a topic with the question whether there is already something to filter / search. Doesn’t seem that way.

I would very much like to join the request!

After a break from Mylio, I’m not sure what I’ve put into albums.

Yes! That would be a great feature. I’m surprised it hasn’t been implemented already.

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While not as nice in some ways as a fully-integrated feature would be, you can search for media that are contained in an album by opening the search bar (magnifying glass) and entering:

media: "ContainedInAlbum <> 0"

or media that are not contained in an album;

media: "ContainedInAlbum = 0"



@Mylio_Sam May I ask if there are similar commands for Events? List media not in an event (or folder which is an event)?

No, unfortunately there isn’t a corresponding command for time-based or folder-based events. I’ll keep this conversation in mind as we improve the searching and filtering UI though.