Feature Request: iOS Background Upload Support

I’ve noticed with Mylio, if I want to sync something from my iOS device (iPad or iPhone) to amazon cloud drive or similar, I need to have the Mylio app in the foreground and the phone screen on. I can’t lock the device and have it continue to upload things and if the screen turns off, uploading stops.

I know in iOS, there is an API for background processing for doing network operations. I’m guessing you guys haven’t implemented it yet?

I’ve started using my 512GB iPad Pro as a laptop replacement during travel, along with an SD card reader dongle, so it would be pretty nice if I could reliably upload files without having to leave it unlocked at my hotel or similar.


That API unfortunately only works to the web, and isn’t available for peer-to-peer data transfer. It would mean we would have to store all of your catalog & photos on the cloud, which isn’t what most people using Mylio generally want to do.

Hello @Mylio_Deon,

how do it look if the cloud is your own, i mean a Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

The protocol we use to communicate with a NAS currently is still the Mylio peer-to-peer protocol, so that doesn’t help by itself. We would have to treat the NAS like we currently do Amazon or Google drive, and unfortunately, that’s not something that really translate.

It could something worth doing, but we’re also investigating some other ways to play nice with the iOS requirements.

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Is it possible in iOS to still keep on syncing if the device is locked, but Mylio is the foreground application running & plugged in at least? That way I can leave my iPad in the hotel room syncing, but not have to leave it unlocked that so hypothetical ‘evil maid’ couldn’t look at it’s contents.

Also when I’m traveling, I typically don’t have my home P2P computer’s available, so an interim cloud drive only background sync would still be helpful.

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Interesting that there has not been more recent activity on this thread. I too am hoping that there can be some solution to a background sync operation for Mylio.

My whole family is now using Mylio on personal phones/ipads/laptops and it is difficult for everyone to always remember to run Mylio and keep it in foreground to make sure their latest photo contributions get synced up. All too often now, I will be traveling and my wife will ask about a recent photo she took which a)she did not get synced up, and b)I did not sync down, even though for many days we were both at home (on same network), but did not get synchronized.

Hopefully you can find some IOS friendly solution to help with this. A few ideas;

  1. Obviously, a background sync service that can wake-up and sync at LEAST ONCE PER DAY would be best.

  2. How about monitor when connecting to a specified WiFi network (trigger something).

  3. How about at least a notification that can show up on the home screen to to remind you to run Mylio.

  4. Does IOS permit the concept of scheduling an app to run/do housekeeping, etc assuming basic conditions are met (battery, awake, etc)

  5. any other brute force options (A helper app to run the main app) ?


How about Apple allows apps to run in the background for more than 3 minutes?

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This kind of background syncing is also missing on android. Please add.

I’m hoping for a resolution for this same issue. I finally have my family onboard - asked them to just open Mylio before they head to bed but the iPhones stop syncing as soon as the screen turns off.