Feature request: Map - Geotagging - List of favorite locations

It would be great to have a list of favorite locations.
My cameras don’t have GPS information and I use no GPS track recorder at home.
But I would like to also tag the photos shot at home/relatives/parents and also former homes (on scanned photos).
This would be much easier, if I could choose the location from a list than zoom to it every time on the map.
I know that I can tag multiple photos the same time, but these photos are located in different folder so evrytime a new folder is selected, I have to search the location again.


Agree :+1:

You don’t say what app(s) you use or how you organize and download your photos.

I download my photos with the Canon tool for the camera or newly with Mylio, but I think it is of no relevance for this request.

For photos where I have no GPS track recorded, I assign the location inside Mylio. These are usually shot at one location or are older ones or scanned ones.
There you have to drag the photos to the map and you have to navigate to the location in each folder (lookup via search is not working, at least for me).
I have a folder for each day which I am now changing to each day/each location or event.

For photos having a GPS, I use either Geosetter or newly Geotag Photos Pro with the option to only write to the XMP.

Oops, I thought I was responding to a different forum. Sorry. Hadn’t had enough caffeine. I use a different workflow for this, and had seen many others, so was thinking maybe I or someone else could help.

That said it would be nice if Mylio could use GPS tracks as some apps can. I know this doesn’t help with your situation, but it’s fairly easy to continuously save your location. It’s less easy to sync that info with your photos.

I think you are aware of this; but I think you can type or paste the coordinates into a group of selected photos in Mylio. This would require a simple list of locations and their coordinates. That is probably easier than dragging around in Mylio’s map.

Good idea with the copying the coordinates, thank you. It really makes things easier.

I know it is relative easy to record your location, but if I am at home or at my parents, the recording is very inaccurate. The map display of the recording shows places around the house, I guess the accuracy of gps and cell tower positioning. In these cases it is much easier to point to a known location.

I have set up keyboard text replacement strings for regular places so that I can type @@x (for example) in the GPS Co-ordinates area and it will replace that with the co-ordinates for the place whose name starts with X. This syncs between iOS and Macs if using the same AppleID - I’m afraid I don’t know how to do it on other platforms. It didn’t take long to set up (in the keyboard settings) and has saved me a lot of time.

In case anyone can’t find the place to copy/paste coordinates that Greg was talking about:

In the info panel, if you scroll down to the map there’s a small editbox. Select some media. If you type the coordinates in there and hit [ENTER], Mylio will apply those coordinates to all selected photos.

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It would be very helpful to have a list of favorite locations when adding gps data to photos. Do you think of this as a good idea?

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