Feature Request: Mobile geotagging, look up exact address, pin on map to selected photos by default

I find that it is nearly impossible to geotag from tables and phones with the MyLio app. I am looking up an address in the map, and then it goes and finds the address. I then need to zoom out and coordinate drag-n-drop the collection of pictures that I wish to geo-tag, but now the location on the map is gone. Maybe once an exact address is found, drop a pin that survives zooms or pans of the map view, and then when selecting and dragging to map, default to “sticking to the newly created pin” by default unless the user long holds or moves it far enough away from the pin marking

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My best workaround was to keep a list of common locations with exact GPS coordinates and insert them for a selection of photos.
I had a similar feature request.

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I think it works best to select the images first, and then work with the map. It’s awkward.

I have several keyboard replacement strings defined so I can type @@j in the GPS coordinates, for example, and get a particular latitude and longitude that refer to a jetty near us when I often take photos.

It works nicely in Apple Photos… just type in the address, the software recognises it and allows you to save the coordinates. On this matter Mylio is frustratingly awkward and requires you to be able to pinpoint exactly where on the map it is. I would expect that having done a search the item should already be pinned on the map with possibly the option to adjust, then tick or cross. Dragging is a pain.

Or have I missed something?