Feature Request: More optional rights in guest mode / or writeprotect

I use Mylio for the entire family.
Many folders and their subfolders are tidy now and I would like to have them protected from unintentional changes (including by myself).
This could be done by

  • a read only property for a folder w/ pin

  • enhancements for guest mode, ie allow one specific folder where guest has all rights.


On this note, it would be really cool to be able to use categories to filter which photos they have access to - so if I share it with a family member, they don’t have access to my entire library.

Good idea but not sure Mylio - as currently designed - is a reasonable tool for this . It’s not a web site or a server.

Unless I’ve missed something, the basic premise in Mylio is that ALL photos are always synced to ALL devices. You can customize which SIZE photos get synced to which devices (thumb, preview, original) - even based on star ratings, keywords, color labels or size (but not Categories unfortunately). Regardless - ALL images will still get copied to every device, at least in thumbnail size.

It just doesn’t make much sense to copy ALL your images to someone else’s phone or computer, and then try to limit them to only viewing a small subset of them.

I really wish Mylio had something better suited for this - some kind of “publish & share to the cloud” feature. It makes zero sense for me to tell family members to install Mylio and sync all of my 300,000 photos to their phone - just so they can see a few hundred family or vacation photos.

So instead, I currently publish sets of photos to Google Photos, my SmugMug site, or elsewhere when I want to share them.

Given my situation, I don’t really mind their iPad having everything but want to focus the view on what I know they want to look at. But you probably have a point. But in guest mode, I would think it reasonable to think you may want to restrict certain photos from a guest.

I keep looking at smugmug with curiousity… how do you like it?

Not to turn this into a Smugmug thread - but it works quite well for sharing my “serious” photos online. I use Google Photos for sharing albums of family stuff. And of course FB/IG for one-off or casual photo sharing.

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Hi, you are right on the consequences when one used Mylio for sharing 100 holiday pics.
My use case in this feature request is about more granularity of user (=device) rights for changing/moving/deleting. Readonly for all is ok!

Example: It is perfectly fine if my wife has our 50000 photos synced to her phone accessible for view. But I would like to restrict both her and myself from deleting or modifying certain folders which are tidy already.
But I would like explicitly allow,her to modify /tag/ move / delete this years family photos for example.

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Raising further attention to this good suggestion.
To have more options to allow in guest mode.
Eg prevent move/deletion but to allow name tagging and location settings.

This way the entire family can help tagging people but you can prevent accidental deletes by other family members.