Feature Request: Rescan pending indicator or custom search

Forgive me if this is duplicate, but I could not find the answer anywhere.
Sometimes I come across photos that seem to have been completely missed by face recognition. I am happy with the various ways to request the rescan of the faces, however sometimes this seems to be an asynchronous task that may not run for a long time, and if in doubt I will request the rescan many times.
It would be good to either have an optional indicator, or a custom filter to show/hide photos that are already waiting for background face analysis.


If you click + hold he left mouse button, Mylio will let you manually tag a face. Once face detection runs, it should match the manual tags with any that it finds.

Manual tag, before face recognition runs:

After face recognition runs:

Hmm. Interesting. Perhaps that is new. I know I avoid doing a manual tag when I think there is a detectable face because in the past I ended up with both the square manual tag and the round detected face. That is a good start, but my overall request remains a feature request.