Feature Request: Second-precision and timezone support

When using external tools to do Geo-tagging, it is important to have correct timestamps for photos, esp. when using photos taken with multiple cameras.

For that, it’d be great if Mylio would allow to adjust dates/times with second-precision, to explicitly display and modify and handle timezones (i.e. adjust accordingly when adjusting multiple images taken in different timezones), and to write out adjusted dates/times to images’ EXIF structures and XMP sidecar files.

FYI, the tool I’m using is HoudahGeo, which has a few features that Mylio does not provide, such as storing favourite places, use of satellite imagery, GPS track import, …


Being able to adjust seconds I also miss right now. There went something wrong with the timestamp of my pictures and without adjusting seconds I can not fix it. Now I need to use an external tool.


Running into this now, dealing with modern photos, not all of which kept their original date/times, and in trying to place them with other photos that are correct, I’m needing to adjust the seconds and can’t obviously. Anyone have work arounds for it?

It can be done by using a text editor on the xmp file, but there are several recurrences of the date that all need to be the same, and I’m not sure which ones Mylio uses.

I use the Terminal form of ExifTool, and for Photos the tags that Mylio seems to use are DateTimeOriginal and sometime CreationDate (not CreateDate). Message me if you’d like to view a small set of scripts I use to view the metadata. ExifTool has a steep learning curve but it’s quite useful.