Feature Request: Smart Folders

It would be great if searches could be saved as auto-updating smart folders (see also complex searches feature request).



This is great! Have you by chance seen or used the Search Modifiers section of the Mylio Search Bar? Click the drop-down arrow on the right to view recent searches and click the Pin to have them saved. In my screenshot below I have three Pinned Searches showing images with the year set to 0, the last import, and 5-star ratings.


Cool idea - smart folders. I would like to use that function to create folders of people groups. I.e. all Work related people, all family people.

Michael, I find the search is good for finding specific photos, but it’s not as fun to use as the ‘Filter’. And I imagine @ionos is wanting the feature to work similar to filters?. When i use search, I just see the photos that match, where as with filters, i can then go to map and choose a location. Or set a filter and use people. Having smart folders that work like filters would be much more dynamic and useable across a large variety of images. Unless i’m using search wrong, and you can then drill further by location and person etc.?..

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Smart albums would be great. We had them into Apple Aperture and I used a lot. It’s very useful to have pictures automatically added to albums depending on search criteria, tags, people or star rating possible even combined.
I vote for it.

I hope the development team could add this implementation soon to make Mylio even better.



This is great! I also would use this feature. In Lightroom they are called Smart Collection, and I used them a lot.


Smart Albums, yes please


Add my vote to this feature.


Another vote in favour! I presently add fake ‘other people’ to images (even if there are no people in the image) so that I can use event filters as a workaround for the lack of smart folders or smart albums.

The use case for this is that I receive images from various family members in other parts of the world, overlapping in time with family activities here; a simple time-based event gets them intermingled. Albums help, but that’s an extra step that is (like the ‘other person’ tag) lost if the photo is deleted and re-imported when an image that was previously mangled in transmission by WhatsApp is eventually replaced by the full-size version. Sometimes filtering by camera works, but we all use similar iPhones, and it quickly gets messy. I always add a keyword that indicates the origin of every image, and proper smart albums/folders would be much better.


Add my vote also. In a separate post, I asked how to create an album from a set of people that would be updated when new photos were added. I guess this means that the function doesn’t exist but is being requested. Yes please!

I Second and Third this request, for Smart Albums/Folders…

Another +1 for this request

+1 from me as well. This is one thing I really miss coming from Aperture. Not having it in Mylio makes some things really difficult for me.

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Have used smart albums frequently in Apple Photos and miss them greatly. Mind you their implementation was limited in terms of the Boolean options but very useful all the same.

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Yes also an aperture user and I 100% agree.

Great idea! I used them in Apple Photos a lot in the past

Yes, smart albums would be great!

Still waiting for this features. I hope it will be soon implemented.

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Not to be to dramatic, but HOW can this (Smart Folders) still NOT be part of Mylio. It’s been a feature request since day ONE. But now we have PDFs!!!


So take any search from the history list and turn it into an album with the search rule linked to it… presto, we have a smart album! Please :slight_smile:

What about just adding the ability to create your own name for a pinned search string so instead of a long string of search modifiers, I can just see and select my pinned search criteria as “mycoolpix” or whatever I’d like to name that search string?